Section 8
Chapter 7,237

Ecological studies on the mealy plum aphid hyalopterus pruni

A.R.beae J.K.; Abid, M.K.; Mahmoud, M.

Bulletin of the Iraq Natural History Museum 8(1): 49-60


ISSN/ISBN: 1017-8678
Accession: 007236734

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The mealy plum aphid Hyalopterous pruni (Geoffroy) is very important pest on apricot trees in Baghdad [Iraq] area. The infestation on apricot leaves reached 100% in April. The study showed the presence of natural enemies on the aphid. A hymenopterous parasite, Aphidius colemani (Aphidius transcapicus) parasitized the aphid, and the population of this parasite correlated significantly with aphid population. Predators associated with the aphid belonged to Chrysopidae, Syrphidae, and Cocicnellidae.

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