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Ecology and potential distribution of xiphinema diversicaudatum and xiphinema pachtaicum nematoda longidoridae in continental spain

Navas, A.; Bello, A.; Arias, M.

Nematologica 34(3): 314-330


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-2596
Accession: 007236850

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The influence of some environmental factors on the distribution of Xiphinema diversicaudatum and X. pachtaicum in Continental Spain has been studied taking into account the allopatric distribution of both species in Europe. The relationships that X. diversicaudatum and X. pachtaicum have with climate, potential vegetation, habitat (host plant), altitude, soil types and some soil factors, have been analyzed in two geographically separate areas that theoretically represent different ecosystems of the Iberian Peninsula. The results show that X. diversicaudatum and X. pachtaicum are species with opposite ecological behavior and can respectively be considered as Atlantic and Mediterranean. Their optimum potential distribution areas in Continental Spain as a function of the above stated variables have been hypothesised.

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