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Effect of avg sts ethephon and silver nitrate on cowpea vigna unguiculata l. walp growth and development

El-Saeid, H.M.; El-Abd, S.O.; Singer, S.M.; Hadid, A.F.A.; El-Beltagy, A.S.; Hall, A.T.

Egyptian Journal of Horticulture 16(2): 133-142


Accession: 007241027

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Three compounds known to inhibit ethylene synthesis and/or action were compared for their ability to affect growth and yield of cowpea plant cvs. California Black eye No. 5. Generally increasing concentrations of STS, AVG and silver nitrate increased, and ethephon concentrations decreased, leaf area/plant, plant dry weight, No. peduncle/plant. No. flowers/plant, No. pods/plant, No. seeds/plant and seeds weight/plant. Among the various tissues examined, higher levels of Ag+ were absorbed in leaves and dry seed, and was more pronounced with increasing either STS or silver nitrate concentrations. The amount of absorbed silver ion from silver nitrate was 3-5 fold greater than that of STS. Concerning ethylene evolution from the leaves, AVG decreased it compared to control plants and it was greatly enhanced with increasing ethephon concentration. The results are discussed in relation to the possible role of ethylene in controlling aspects of growth and yield of cowpea plant.

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