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Effect of band application on fertilizer reduction under machine transplanting of rice in paddy field

Lee S Y.; Kim S S.; Choi M K.; Lee J S.; Park S H.

Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration 33(2 RICE): 34-40


Accession: 007241141

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This study was carried out to investigate the effect of band application for the reduction of fertilizer amount in Fluvio-marine alluvial soil at Honam Crop Experiment Station in 1990. The used variety was Dongjinbyeo. The transplanting date was June 5. 35 day's seedling was transplanted by machine, at the same time, band application was conducted. The treatment for fertilizer level included 100%, 80%, 70% of total applied amount and conventional surface application. The total fertilizer level was respectively composed of 11, 7 and 8kg/10a of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Band application was applied as basal fertilizer. And nitrogen for conventional surface application was splitly applied by 50% at transplanting date, 20% at tillering stage, 20% at panicle initiation stage and 10% at heading stage, respectively, and phosphorus was totally applied with basal fertilizer, and potassium was splitly applied by 70% with basal fertilizer and 30% at panicle initiation stage, respectively. The obtained results were summarized as follows Culm length was longer in band application of 100 or 80% but shorter in 70% compared with conventional surface application. Panicle number per square meter was, more or less few in band application but spikelet number per square meter was same as conventional surface application. Filled grain ratio was higher in band application except for 100% of total applied nitrogen level. Yield was significantly decreased only in band application of 70%, while there was no difference in yield among other 3 treatments. Band application of 80% of total applied nitrogen level showed the same effect as conventional surface application in growth, yield components and yield. Therefore, band application of 80% of total applied nitrogen level was recognized as the exchangeable technology of conventional surface application.

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