Section 8
Chapter 7,245

Effect of decreased temperature on growth and smoltification of juvenile atlantic salmon salmo salar and brown trout salmo trutta in a norwegian regulated river

Saltveit, S.J.

Regulated Rivers Research and Management 5(4): 295-304


DOI: 10.1002/rrr.3450050402
Accession: 007244397

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The lowermost 20 km of the River Surna, northwestern Norway receives cool water during summer from a hypolimnetic release mountain reservoir. In this part of the river, yearlings of both Atlantic salmon and brown trout are significantly smaller compared with those in the upper section of the river, which is unaffected by the cold water release. The slower growth below the power station causes both Atlantic salmon and anadromous brown trout to smoltify one year later compared with fish in the upper section of the river. This leads to higher mortality and therefore lower production of broth adult salmon and trout.

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