Section 8
Chapter 7,248

Effect of foliar nutrition on vegetative growth flowering and fruiting on fruited shoots of mango mangifera indica l. cultivar alphonso

Udapudi, K.D.; Hulamani, N.C.

Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences 22(3): 348-351


ISSN/ISBN: 0047-8539
Accession: 007247888

The present study was planned with a view to break the quiescence of fruited shoots and promote new vegetative growth on fruited shoots early in the season, with the belief that such early shoots may induce flower in the following 'off' year, which is a common feature in case of regular bearing cultivars. Among various nutrients tried, 2 per cent KNO3 and 2 per cent KH2PO4 treatments showed better response with regard to early vegetative growth (August, 1983) flowering and fruiting in the following 'off' year, 2 per cent KNO3 was the most effective for flowering and 'off' year yield, which gave 20 per cent flowering on fruited shoots and 85.33 fruits per tree during (1984) 'off' year.

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