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Chapter 7,248

Effect of foliar spray of macro and micro nutrients on growth of pine seedlings in nursery

Bari, P.A.A.; Gupta, G.N.

Indian Forester 116(2): 115-120


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-4816
Accession: 007247890

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A nursery experiment was conducted to study the influence of foliar sprays of macro and micro-nutrients on Pinus caribaea and P. patula seedlings in red soil and shola soil mediums. Four sprays of 1% solution of 10 macro and micro nutrients were done at an interval of one month. Maximum height increment was observed due to Zinc in P. patula and due to magnesium in P caribaea. When no treatment was given, seedling growth was significantly better on shola soil than the red soil.

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