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Effect of inabenfide and uniconazole application on the growth and lodging of rice plant under the different nitrogen level

Kim C K.; Kim S S.; Jun B T.; Park S H.

Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration 32(2 RICE): 42-48


Accession: 007250384

This study was carried out to investigate the effect of growth regulators (Inabenfide, Uniconazol) on the yield and the related lodging traits in paddy rice plant. Nitrogen was applied three levels 12, 18, 24 kg/10 a. Uniconazol and Inabenfide were applied at 50 days (Ina. 50 DBH) and at 15 days before heading date (Uni. 15 DBH), respectively. The results obtained were as follow. Applied Inabenfide, Length of the 4th and 5th internode was more shortened than the length of nonapplication by 16 and 36%, Applied uniconazol that of 2nd and 3rd internode was more shortened than length of non-application by 22 and 28%, respectively. Applied Inabenfide and Uniconazol, moment and height of center gravity were lowered and breaking weight was increased and than lodging index was reduced. Although nitrogen applied 24 kg per 10a, lodging was reduced markedly by the Inabenfide and Uniconazol. Applied Inabenfide and Uniconazol, number of spikelets per m2 showed fewer than that of non-application. But filled grain ratio and 1,000 grain weight were reversed. Yield was increased 1-14%, 0-9% in Inabenfide and in Uniconazol compared to non-application, respectively.

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