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Effect of light on growth and thiophene accumulation in transformed roots of tagetes patula

Mukundan, U.; Hjortso, M.A.

Journal of Plant Physiology 138(2): 252-255


ISSN/ISBN: 0176-1617
DOI: 10.1016/s0176-1617(11)80280-4
Accession: 007252154

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Transformed root cultures of Tagetes patula accumulate three main thiophenes. They are bithienylbutinen, acetoxybutinylbithiophene, and hydroxybutinylibithiophene. Light had a profound effect on the growth and accumulation of these thiophenes in the transformed roots. When grown in the presence of light, acetoxybutinylbithiophene was the dominant thiophene accumulated in the roots, whereas in dark-grown culture bithienylbutinen represented the dominant thiophene. The biomass yield was less in the presence of light. Thiophene accumulation increased during the first 16 days of growth and then fell until day 40.

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