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Effect of protein quality and dietary level of iron zinc and copper on the utilization of these elements by growing rats part i. general development of animals and apparent absorption of iron zinc and copper

Brzozowska, A.; Witkowska, J.; Wronowski, S.; Roszkowski, W.

Acta Alimentaria Polonica 16(1-2): 45-52


Accession: 007257849

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The effect of protein quality and dietary level of Fe, Zn and Cu on feed efficiency ratio and apparent absorption of these elements was studied in growing male Wistar rats during a six-week experiment. When the protein source was the limiting factor for animals growth and metal absorption, diet supplementation with trace elements was of questionable efficiency. The apparent absorption of trace elements depends on both their dietary level and the source of protein. No interactions during intestinal absorption between Fe, Zn and Cu were observed.

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