Effect of spacing crown height and method of pruning on mulberry leaf yield quality and cocoon yield

Choudhury, P.C.; Shukla, P.; Ghosh, A.; Mallikarjuna, B.; Sengupta, K.

Indian Journal of Sericulture 30(1): 46-53


ISSN/ISBN: 0445-7722
Accession: 007260523

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A four year research on spacings, crown heights and methods of pruning in mulberry (Morus sp.) revealed that the spacing of 60 .times. 60 cm with a crown height of 40 cm. above the ground level, adopting step up method of shoot harvest (S2 C3 H3) gave maximum leaf yield of 42,247 kg/ha against treatment combination of 60 .times. 30 cm spacing with a crown height of 15 cm, adopting whole shoot harvest every time (S1 C1 H1: control) yielding 40,916 kg leaf/ha. Also, mulberry leaf from same treatment combination (S2 C3 H3) gave maximum cocoon yield against that of control. Increase in leaf yield/ha over control was 3.15%, while the increase in cocoon production was 8.6%. Further widening of spacing over 60 .times. 60 cm. resulted in sharp decline in leaf and cocoon production per unit area.