Section 8
Chapter 7,262

Effect of temperature on the development of the immature stages of bembidion lampros coleoptera carabidae

Jensen, L.B.

Entomophaga 35(2): 277-282


ISSN/ISBN: 0013-8959
Accession: 007261834

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The effects of temperature on survival and development of immature stages of Bembidion lampros were examined under controlled conditions in the laboratory. The duration of development was examined at 5.degree.C, 12.degree.C, 17.degree.C, 19.degree.C, 22.degree.C, 25.degree.C, 30.degree.C and 32.degree.C and found to be inversely related to temperature. Between 12.degree.C and 30.degree.C there was a significant difference in duration of egg development, but no significant difference in percentage of eggs hatched. The upper and lower lethal limits for egg development were estimated (c. 31.degree.C and 4.degree.C respectively). There are 3 larval instars and one pupal stage. Development of larva plus pupa required a minimum of 20.9 days at 30.degree.C. Between 22.degree.C and 30.degree.C survival from larva to the adult stage was 80%.

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