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Effect of the non hydrolyzable gtp analogue on dopamine modulation of the calcium current in a snail neuron

Safronova, V.G.; Chemeris, N.K.

Neirofiziologiya 23(1): 43-48


Accession: 007262663

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Voltage-activated calcium current was recorded in isolated neurons of Lymnaea stagnalis under voltage clamp and intracellular dialysis conditions. Calcium current was modulated by non-hydrolyzable guanine nucleotide analogue, guanosine-5'-O-3-thiotriphosphate (GTP.gamma.S), in a receptor-mediated manner: effect of 100 .mu.M GTP.gamma.S was recorded at activation of the dopamine receptor. The results obtained permitted suggesting that the effect of dopamine on calcium channels in these neurons is a GTP-dependent one.

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