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Effect of the triacontanol formulation miraculan on photosynthesis growth nutrient uptake and essential oil yield of lemongrass cymbopogon flexuosus steud. watts

Misra, A.; Srivastava, N.K.

Plant Growth Regulation 10(1): 57-64


ISSN/ISBN: 0167-6903
DOI: 10.1007/bf00035131
Accession: 007262927

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The influence of different foliar applications of the triacontanol (Tria.) based plant grow regulator-'Miraculan', on growth, CO2 exchange and essential oil accumulation in Lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus L.) Steud. Watts. was studied in glass-house conditions. The yield components, viz., plant height, tillers per plant, biomass yield, accumulation of essential oil, net CO2 exchange and transpiration rates increased with 'Miraculan' treatment of 0.4 .mu.g/ml compare to the untreated control, but the number of leaves per tiller remained unaffected. Application of Miraculan at 0.4 .mu.g/ml increased micronutrient uptake, total chlorophyll and citral content but decreased chlorophyll a/b ratio and stomatal resistance. Increased in shoot biomass, photosynthesis and chlorophyll were significantly correlated with essential oil content.

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