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Chapter 7,268

Effects of absorption enhancers on human nasal tissue ciliary movement in vitro

Hermens, W.A.; Hooymans, P.M.; Verhoef, J.C.; Merkus, F.W.

Pharmaceutical Research 7(2): 144-146


ISSN/ISBN: 0724-8741
PMID: 2408030
DOI: 10.1023/a:1015872617511
Accession: 007267029

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Sodium taurodihydrofusidate (STDHF) is one of the most promising absorption enhancers for nasal delivery of peptide drugs. Drugs and additives in nasal formulation should not interfere with the self-cleaning capacity of the nose by the ciliary epithelium. Measured in vitro on human adenoid tissue with a photoelectric method, STDHF was found to induce ciliostasis at concentrations of 0.3% (w/v) and higher. STDHF (0.3%) is less ciliostatic than laureth-9 (0.3%) or deoxycholate (0.3%). Glyco- and taurocholate (0.3%) show only very mild effects on nasal ciliary movement. Human insulin (1%) has no ciliostatic potency in vitro, whereas a combination of human insulin (1%) and STDHF (1%) is ciliostatic but not as potent as STDHF (1%) alone.

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