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Effects of carbon nitrogen ratio on thermophilic composting of garbage

Nakasaki, K.; Yaguchi, H.; Sasaki, Y.; Kubota, H.

Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering 73(1): 43-45


Accession: 007270201

Effects of the carbon to nitrogen ratio (C/N ratio) on the thermophilic composting of garbage were examined by measuring changes in CO2 evolution rate, conversion of carbon, pH, NH3 evolution rate, and microbial number in the composting reaction. Time courses of the above values differed substantially among three experimental runs of different C/N ratios; 13.9, 22.4, and 30.9. The rises in pH, as well as large peaks in the rates of CO2 and NH3 evolution occurred earliest at a C/N ratio of 22.4. The peak values of CO2 and NH3 evolution rates, and the final conversion of carbon were the largest in the same run. The degradation rate of organic meterials in the composting reaction and the growth rate of thermophilic bacteria, which contribute to thermophilic decomposition of organic materials, were also accelerated.

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