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Effects of compounds that influence calcium absorption and of calcium calmodulin inhibitors on zeatin induced growth and chlorophyll synthesis in excised cucumber cotyledons

Zhao, Z.; Ross, C.W.

Plant and Cell Physiology 30(6): 793-800


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-0781
Accession: 007271395

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Previous results indicate that cytokinin action requires formation of Ca-calmodulin. We evaluated that hypothesis for cytokinin (zeatin) induced growth and chlorophyll formation in excised cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) cotyledons using several compounds expected to increase or decrease cytosolic levels of Ca2+ and thereby perturb formation of Ca-calmodulin. We also studied effects of eight drugs known to inhibit action of Ca-calmodulin in animals. Most of the results indicate no special requirmeent of Ca-calmodulin for cytokinin action in these organs.

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