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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 7273

Chapter 7273 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Scott, A.G.; King, J.E.; Michels, R.R.; Fobes, J.L., 1989:
Effects of d ala 2 met enkephalinamide a methionine enkephalin analog on delayed response by squirrel monkeys

Herberg, L.J.; Rose, I.C., 1990:
Effects of d cycloserine and cycloleucine ligands for nmda associated strychnine insensitive glycine site on brain stimulation reward and spontaneous locomotion

Nakajima, S.; Baker, J.D., 1989:
Effects of d2 dopamine receptor blockade with raclopride on intracranial self stimulation and food reinforced operant behavior

Petterborg, L.J.; Rudeen, P.K., 1989:
Effects of daily afternoon melatonin administration on body weight and thyroid hormones in female hamsters

Alexiuk, N.A.; Vriend, J., 1991:
Effects of daily afternoon melatonin administration on monoamine accumulation in median eminence and striatum of ovariectomized hamsters receiving pargyline

Ruis, J.F.; Rietveld, W.J.; Buys, J.P., 1990:
Effects of daily food restriction on methamphetamine induced behavioral rhythms in suprachiasmatic nuclei lesioned rats

Safley, L.M.Jr; Westerman, P.W.; King, L.D., 1989:
Effects of dairy manure application rate and timing and injector spacing and type on corn silage production

Fonskaya, N.I.; Anikin, A.Yu; Kargina Terent'eva R.A., 1990:
Effects of dalargin the leucine enkephalin analogue on the components of the sympathico adrenal system in experimental myocardial infarction

Ota, H.; Maki, M.; Shidara, Y.; Kodama, H.; Takahashi, H.; Hayakawa, M.; Fujimori, R.; Kushima, T.; Ohtomo, K., 1992:
Effects of danazol at the immunologic level in patients with adenomyosis with special reference to autoantibodies a multi center cooperative study

Lopez, J.R.; Gerardi, A.; Lopez, M.J.; Allen, P.D., 1992:
Effects of dantrolene on myoplasmic free calcium concentration measured in vivo in patients susceptible to malignant hyperthermia

Brooks, R.R.; Carpenter, J.F.; Jones, S.M.; Gregory, C.M., 1989:
Effects of dantrolene sodium in rodent models of cardiac arrhythmia

Valeri, P.; Martinelli, B.; Pimpinella, G.; Severini, C., 1989:
Effects of dapiprazole clonidine and yohimbine on the development of dependence and withdrawal behavior in mice

Nyman, N.; Keates, E.U., 1990:
Effects of dapiprazole on the reversal of pharmacologically induced mydriasis

Beauchamp, D.; Pellerin, M.; Gourde, P.; Pettigrew, M.; Bergeron, M.G., 1990:
Effects of daptomycin and vancomycin on tobramycin nephrotoxicity in rats

Frost, D.O.; Moy, Y.P., 1989:
Effects of dark rearing on the development of visual callosal connections

Hof, R.P.; Hof, A., 1988:
Effects of darodipine and dihydralazine on regional blood flow in conscious atherosclerotic rabbits

de Lange, A.; Huiskes, R.; Kauer, J.M., 1990:
Effects of data smoothing on the reconstruction of helical axis parameters in human joint kinematics

O'brien P.J.; Allen, E.J., 1992:
Effects of date of planting date of harvesting and seed rate on yield of seed potato crops

Mahajan, A.R.; Nayeem, K.A., 1990:
Effects of date of sowing on test weight protein percent and yield in wheat and triticale genotypes

Joseph, K.; Havanagi, G.V., 1987:
Effects of dates of planting and irrigation on yield and yield attributes of rice varieties

Chavan, S.A.; Kanade, V.M.; Shinde, P.P.; Khanvilkar, S.A., 1989:
Effects of dates of sowing plant density and levels of nitrogen on mustard

Molinari, A.; Calcabrini, A.; Crateri, P.; Arancia, G., 1991:
Effects of daunomycin on the microtubular network: a cytochemical study on a human melanoma cell line

Zhu, J.Q.; Zeng, F.D.; Hu, C.J., 1990:
Effects of dauricine and lidocaine alone or combined on electrophysiological properties of canine Purkinje fibers

Zhu J Q.; Pan T C.; Zeng F D.; H.C.J., 1990:
Effects of dauricine and lidocaine on action potential of human atrial and rabbit atrioventricular node cells and sinoatrial node function in anesthetized rabbits

Zong, X.G.; Jiang, M.X., 1990:
Effects of dauricine on slow action potentials in myocardium

Yue, T.L.; Tong, L., 1989:
Effects of dauricine on the metabolism of arachidonic acid in rat pleural neutrophils

Bakker, J.C., 1990:
Effects of day and night humidity on yield and fruit quality of glasshouse eggplant solanum melongena l

Bakker, J.C., 1990:
Effects of day and night humidity on yield and fruit quality of glasshouse tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum mill

Patterson, D.T., 1990:
Effects of day and night temperature on vegetative growth of texas panicum panicum texanum

Andersson B E., 1992:
Effects of day care on cognitive and socioemotional competence of thirteen year old swedish schoolchildren

Rottiers, D.V., 1992:
Effects of day length and cleaning regimen on the growth of yearling parr atlantic salmon

Lee H D.; Roh T H.; Seo G S.; Kim S Y., 1990:
Effects of day length and light intensity treatments on flowering and yield of perilla perilla frutescens l

Yoshida, Y.; Suzuta, M.; Tokizane, M.; Fujime, Y.; Chujo, T., 1991:
Effects of day length and nitrogen nutrition on the flower development in ai berry strawberry

Adaniya, S.; Shoda, M.; Fujieda, K., 1989:
Effects of day length on flowering and rhizome swelling in ginger zingiber officinale roscoe

Nishio, J.; Yamaguchi, T.; Yonemura, K., 1989:
Effects of day length on flowering of chrysanthemum in shade culture

Yoneda, K.; Momose, H.; Kubota, S., 1991:
Effects of daylength and temperature on flowering in juvenile and adult phalaenopsis plants

Hanyu, H., 1988:
Effects of daylength and temperature on growth of cultured tissue of barley

Lee, Y.H.; Moon, Y.H.; Hwang, Y.H.; Hong, E.H., 1988:
Effects of daylengths and temperatures on the flowering of soybeans

Weich, H.A.; Meyer Peters, H., 1988:
Effects of daylight and weather on the onset and end of the daily activity of free living starlings sturnus vulgaris l

Lin, Y., 1991:
Effects of ddt and bhc on amino acid content and its varieties in chlorella vulgaris beij. and cladophora sp

Douthwaite, R.J., 1992:
Effects of ddt on the fish eagle haliaeetus vocifer population of lake kariba in zimbabwe

Mitra, J.; Raghu, K., 1989:
Effects of DDT on the growth of crop plants

Peer, T.H.; Podlesak, K., 1991:
Effects of de icing salt on water and soil along motorways and expressways

Neely, B.H.; Hageman, G.R., 1990:
Effects of deafferentation or sequential occlusions on cardiac sympathetic activity during ischemia

Madar, I.; Sildan, N.; Ilonca, A., 1988:
Effects of decanofort upon glucose utilization and insulin sensitivity of the diaphragm of stressed young rats

Weissfeld, J.L.; Holloway, J.J.; Kirscht, J.P., 1989:
Effects of deceptive self reports of quitting on the results of treatment trails for smoking a quantitative assessment

Niccum, N.; Speaks, C.; Katsuki-Nakamura, J.; Leathers, R., 1989:
Effects of decision variables on stimulus dominance in dichotic listening

Ianzini, F.; Guidoni, L.; Simone, G.; Viti, V.; Yatvin, M.B., 1990:
Effects of decreased ph on membrane structural organization of escherichia coli grown in different fatty acid supplemental media a phosphorus 31 nmr study

Wu, F.C.; Wallace, E.M.; Howe, D.C.; Kacser, E.M.; Sellar, R.E., 1991:
Effects of decreasing exogenous GnRH pulse frequency on FSH and inhibin secretion in men with idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

Ortoidze, T.V.; Matorin, D.N.; Venediktov, P.S., 1988:
Effects of deep dormancy on the primary processes of photosynthesis in vine vitis vinifera shoots

Pikul, J.; Niewiarowicz, A., 1990:
Effects of deep fat frying and refrigerated storage of main broiler parts on lipid oxidation in chicken muscles and skin

Ferrandi, B.; Lange Consiglio, A.; Cremonesi, F.; Carnevali, A.; Porcelli, F., 1988:
Effects of deep freezing on the energy metabolism of bovine spermatozoa during in vitro capacitation: A cytochemical approach

Pellegrino, R.; Violante, B.; Crimi, E.; Brusasco, V., 1990:
Effects of deep inhalation during early and late asthmatic reactions to allergen

Bless H G.; Jungfleisch, R.; Widmoser, P., 1990:
Effects of deep loosening on soil physical characteristics hydrology and yield of brown mediterranean soils in portugal

Ridulfo, G., 1991:
Effects of deep massage on painful sprained ankles

Madeira, M.V.A.; Melo, M.G.; Alexandre, C.A.; Steen, E., 1989:
Effects of deep ploughing and superficial disc harrowing on physical and chemical soil properties and biomass in a new plantation of eucalyptus globulus

Chang, K.S.; H.H.S.; Lee, C.H.; Jeon, B.H.; Lee, H.S., 1988:
Effects of deep plowing and soil improvements on the change of chemical properties of paddy soil

Nakashima, T., 1988:
Effects of deep sea water on the growth of a marine diatom species skeletonema costatum

Barber, R.G.; Diaz, O., 1992:
Effects of deep tillage and fertilization on soya yields in a compacted ustochrept during seven cropping seasons santa cruz bolivia

Barbosa, L.R.; Diaz, O.; Barber, R.G., 1989:
Effects of deep tillage on soil properties growth and yield of soy in a compacted ustochrept in santa cruz bolivia

Page, R.A.; Handley, G.W., 1992:
Effects of "deepening" techniques on hypnotic depth and responding

Cottle, D.J., 1988:
Effects of defaunation of the rumen and supplementation with amino acids on the wool production of housed saxon merinos 3. cottonseed meal and hydroxymethylmethionine

Cottle, D.J., 1988:
Effects of defaunation of the rumen and supplementation with amino acids on the wool production of housed saxon merinos 4. cottonseed meal analogues of methionine and avoparcin

Puglisi Allegra, S.; Cabib, S., 1990:
Effects of defeat experiences on dopamine metabolism in different brain areas of the mouse

Craveri, A.; Tornaghi, G.; Ranieri, R.; Stanzani, M.; Landi, G.; Paganardi, L.; Passaretti, B.; Gallo, E., 1990:
Effects of defibrotide after oral and parenteral administration in patients with peripheral obliterative arterial disease (POAD)

Bracale, G.; Iandoli, R., 1992:
Effects of defibrotide in patients with chronic peripheral occlusive arteriopathy of the lower limbs a controlled study versus buflomedil

Davi, G.; Catalano, I.; Belvedere, M.; Amato, S.; Mogavero, A.; Giammarresi, C.; Alaimo, P.; Notarbartolo, A., 1992:
Effects of defibrotide on fibrinolytic activity in diabetic patients with stable angina pectoris

Jenkyn, J.F.; Anilkumar, T.B., 1990:
Effects of defoliation at different growth stages and in different grain filling environments on the growth and yield of spring barley

Alfaro, R.I.; Macdonald, R.N., 1988:
Effects of defoliation by the western false hemlock looper on douglas fir tree ring chronologies

Oyama, K.; Mendoza, A., 1990:
Effects of defoliation on growth reproduction and survival of a neotropical dioecious palm chamaedorea tepejilote

Hoogesteger, J.; Karlsson, P.S., 1992:
Effects of defoliation on radial stem growth and photosynthesis in the mountain birch betula pubescens ssp tortuosa

Nunez Farfan, J.; Dirzo, R., 1991:
Effects of defoliation on the saplings of a gap colonizing neotropical tree

Caballero Grande, R.; Cruz, B.; Chiang Lok, M.L.; Heyer, W., 1989:
Effects of defoliation on the yield of an indeterminate bean cultivar

Miledi, R.; Woodward, R.M., 1989:
Effects of defolliculation on membrane current responses of Xenopus oocytes

Giraud, A.; Franc, J.L.; Long, Y.; Ruf, J., 1992:
Effects of deglycosylation of human thyroperoxidase on its enzymatic activity and immunoreactivity

Itani, K., 1990:
Effects of degradable starch microspheres in intra arterial chemotherapy of liver malignancies experimental and clinical studies

Champagne, E.T.; Marshall, W.E.; Goynes, W.R., 1990:
Effects of degree of milling and lipid removal on starch gelatinization in the brown rice kernel

Ajayi, O.A.; Agun, A.B., 1989:
Effects of degree of parboiling on some quality parameters of rice

Dahlborn, K.; Hilali, J.H.; Rodriguez-Martinez, H., 1990:
Effects of dehydration and arginine vasopressin infusions on the production of milk and the morphology of the goat udder

Gray, D.J., 1989:
Effects of dehydration and exogenous growth regulators on dormancy quiescence and germination of grape somatic embryos

Stevanovic, B.; Thu, P.T.A.; Monteiro, D.P.ula F.; Silva, J.V.D., 1992:
Effects of dehydration and rehydration on the polar lipid and fatty acid composition of ramonda spp

Costa Junior, E.D.; Cabrera, M.A.D.; Peralta, C.C., 1988:
Effects of dehydration during pregnancy on the dental caries incidence in rat offspring

Shima, K.; Gross, P.M.; Nakagawa, H.; Blasberg, R.G.; Fenstermacher, J.D.; Patlak, C.S., 1989:
Effects of dehydration of the pituitary microcirculation in rats

Rehrer, N.J.; Beckers, E.J.; Brouns, F.; ten Hoor, F.; Saris, W.H., 1990:
Effects of dehydration on gastric emptying and gastrointestinal distress while running

Thwaites, C.J.; Baillie, N.B.; Kasa, W., 1990:
Effects of dehydration on the heat tolerance of male and female new zealand white rabbits

Cabrera, M.A.D.; Russo, M.D.C.; Okamoto, T.; Peralta, C.C., 1988:
Effects of dehydration on the wound healing process after tooth extraction

Toivola, D.M.; Isomaa, B., 1991:
Effects of dehydroabietic acid on the erythrocyte membrane

Palmer, D.E.; Pattaroni, C.; Nunami, K.; Chadha, R.K.; Goodman, M.; Wakamiya, T.; Fukase, K.; Horimoto, S.; Kitazawa, M.; E.A., 1992:
Effects of dehydroalanine on peptide conformations

Munkittrick, K.R.; Mcgeachy, S.M.; Burke, M.G.; Flett, P.A., 1992:
Effects of delay in water addition or rinsing on fertilization rates of chinook salmon coho salmon atlantic salmon and rainbow trout eggs

Oberpichler, H.; Brungs, H.; Krieglstein, J., 1990:
Effects of delayed administration of methohexital and ketamine on posthypoxic cell damage of primary neuronal cultures

Reeve, L.; Reeve, K.F.; Brown, A.K.; Brown, J.L.; Poulson, C.L., 1992:
Effects of delayed reinforcement on infant vocalization rate

Qian P Y.; Mcedward, L.R.; Chia F S., 1990:
Effects of delayed statement on survival growth and reproduction in the spionid polychaete polydora ligni

Neuberger, T.J.; Cornbrooks, C.J.; Kromer, L.F., 1992:
Effects of delayed transplantation of cultured Schwann cells on axonal regeneration from central nervous system cholinergic neurons

Morikiyo, Y.; Matsushima, T., 1990:
Effects of delayed visual feedback on motor control performance

O'leary G.J.; Binns, R.M.; Lewis, T.R., 1989:
Effects of delaying chemical fallowing in pasture rotations on pasture quality and wheat yield in the victorian wimmera australia

Heeley, D.H.; Smillie, L.B.; Lohmeier-Vogel, E.M., 1989:
Effects of deletion of tropomyosin overlap on regulated actomyosin subfragment 1 ATPase

Gabuzda, D.H.; Lever, A.; Terwilliger, E.; Sodroski, J., 1992:
Effects of deletions in the cytoplasmic domain on biological functions of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 envelope glycoproteins

Toivonen, J.; Kaukinen, S.; Oikkonen, M.; Hannelin, M., 1991:
Effects of deliberate hypotension induced by labetalol on renal function

Miyazawa, M.; Matsumura, F., 1990:
Effects of deltamethrin on protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation process in the nerve fibers of the american lobster homarus americanus l

Takagi, S.; Mizuno, N.; Adachi, K.; Wakabayashi, T., 1990:
Effects of demethylchlortetracycline phototoxicity on the structure and functions of rat liver mitochondria

Aguiar, G.F., 1992:
Effects of demographic and ethnohistorical factors on average heterozygosities of South Amerindians

Shortle, D.; Meeker, A.K.; Gerring, S.L., 1989:
Effects of denaturants at low concentrations on the reversible denaturation of staphylococcal nuclease

Ohira, Y., 1989:
Effects of denervation and deafferentation on mass and enzyme activity in rat skeletal muscles

Somasekhar, T.; K.C.P., 1991:
Effects of denervation on the distribution of peanut agglutinin binding molecules in frog muscles

Eyzaguirre, C.; Hayashida, Y.; Monti Bloch, L., 1990:
Effects of denervation on the glomus cell membrane

Sugiyama, S.; Hanaki, Y.; Hayashi, K.; Ozawa, T., 1989:
Effects of denopamine on rat myocardium in comparison with isoprenaline

Nose, A.; Nakama, M.; Miyasato, K.; Murayama, S., 1989:
Effects of dense planting on the dry matter production of summer planted sugar cane

Caussanel, J.P.; Branthome, X.; Maillet, J.; Carteron, A., 1990:
Effects of density and period of competition by solanum nigrum l. on direct seeded tomatoes in relation to weed control

Jonsdottir, G.A., 1991:
Effects of density and weather on tiller dynamics in agrostis stolonifera festuca rubra and poa irrigata

Verhulst, S., 1992:
Effects of density beech crop and winter feeding on survival of juvenile great tits an analysis of kluyver's removal experiment

Greenwood, J.J.D.; Baillie, S.R., 1991:
Effects of density dependence and weather on population changes of english passerines using a non experimental paradigm

Holm, E.R., 1990:
Effects of density dependent mortality on the relationship between recruitment and larval settlement

Esler, K.J.; Cowling, R.M., 1990:
Effects of density on the reproductive output of protea lepidocarpodendron

Matsumoto, K., 1990:
Effects of density on the survival and development of nymphs in the pine spittlebug aphrophora flavipes homoptera cercopidae experiments in an outdoor cage

Igarashi, K.; Lee, I.K.; Schachtele, C.F., 1990:
Effect of dental plaque age and bacterial composition on the pH of artificial fissures in human volunteers

Lefebvre, C.A.; Schuster, G.S.; Caughman, G.B.; Caughman, W.F., 1991:
Effects of denture base resins on oral epithelial cells

Walker, W.R.; Haley, C.J.; Bridgeman, P.; Goldstein, S.H., 1991:
Effects of deodorants on treatment of boat holding tank waste

Jiang, M.M.; Zhu, P.H.; Huang, S.K.; Yu, Z.H., 1990:
Effects of deoxycorticosterone acetate on muscle electrolytes, resting potential and mitochondria in rats

Grillo, C.; Vallee, S.; Piroli, G.; Angulo, J.A.; Mcewen, B.S.; D.N.cola A.F., 1991:
Effects of deoxycorticosterone treatment on beta subunit messenger rna for sodium plus potassium atpase in brain regions determined by in situ hybridization

Saito, T.; Kwak S S.; Kamiya, Y.; Yamane, H.; Sakurai, A.; Murofushi, N.; Takahashi, N., 1991:
Effects of deoxygibberellin c dgc and 16 deoxo dgc on gibberellin 3 beta hydroxylase and plant growth

Franc, J.L.; Giraud, A.; Lanet, J., 1990:
Effects of deoxymannojirimycin and castanospermine on the polarized secretion of thyroglobulin

Takagishi, K.; Yamamoto, M.; Maeda, K.; Nishimura, A.; Yonemoto, K.; Hotokebuchi, T.; Kaibara, N., 1990:
Effects of deoxyspergualin on collagen arthritis in mice

Nemoto, K.; Hayashi, M.; Sugawara, Y.; Abe, F.; Takita, T.; Takeuchi, T., 1989:
Effects of deoxyspergualin on hematopoiesis: studies of murine hematopoietic progenitor cell and peripheral blood cell levels

Westman, A.S.; Canter, F.M., 1989:
Effects of dependents and own sex on planning for and thinking about one's death

Ali, L.; Wesslen, N.; Hellman, B., 1989:
Effects of depolarizing agents on the sodium content of rat pancreatic islets

Richman, N.H.IIi; Helms, L.M.H.; Ford C A.; Benishin, C.; Pang, P.K.T.; Cooke, I.M.; Grau, E.G., 1990:
Effects of depolarizing concentrations of potassium and reduced osmotic pressure on calcium 45 accumulation by the rostral pars distalis of the tilapia oreochromis mossambicus

Olsson, T.I.; Persson B G., 1988:
Effects of deposited sand on ova survival and alevin emergence in brown trout salmo trutta l

Long, S.K.; Evans, R.H.; Krijzer, F., 1989:
Effects of depressant amino acids and antagonists on an in vitro spinal cord preparation from the adult rat

Cutler, G.H.; Barrios, F.X., 1988:
Effects of deprivation on smokers' mood during the operation of a complex computer simulation

Yamamoto, F., 1992:
Effects of depth of flooding on growth and anatomy of stems and knee roots of taxodium distichum

Ohno, A.; Kanazawa, A.; Tanaka, A.; Miwa, T., 1992:
Effects of derivatives of prostaglandins e 1 and e 2 on peripheral neuropathy of diabetic rats

Yang G M.; E.A., 1989:
Effects of desensitization and immunological changes in patients with allergic asthma

Laughton, M.J.; Moroney, M.A.; Hoult, J.R.S.; Halliwell, B., 1989:
Effects of desferrioxamine on eicosanoid production in two intact cell systems

Dezza, L.; Cazzola, M.; Danova, M.; Carlo-Stella, C.; Bergamaschi, G.; Brugnatelli, S.; Invernizzi, R.; Mazzini, G.; Riccardi, A.; Ascari, E., 1989:
Effects of desferrioxamine on normal and leukemic human hematopoietic cell growth: in vitro and in vivo studies

Korsic, M.; Jokic, N.; Ilic Supek, D.; Skocilic, Z.; Lovric, M.; Bacic, J.; Jakovljevic, M.; Maslo, K.; Trbovic, M., 1991:
Effects of desgly arg vasopressin on cognitive processes in alcoholic patients

Coxson, D.S., 1987:
Effects of desiccation on net photosynthetic activity in the basidiomycete lichen cora pavonia e. fries from the cloud mist zone of the tropical volcano la soufriere guadeloupe west indies

Seel, W.E.; Hendry, G.A.F.; Lee, J.A., 1992:
Effects of desiccation on some activated oxygen processing enzymes and anti oxidants in mosses

Xia, Q.H.; Chen, R.Z.; Fu, J.R., 1992:
Effects of desiccation temperature and other factors on the germination of lychee litchi chinensis sonn. and longan euphoria longana steud. seeds

Tominaga, R.; Kambic, H.E.; Emoto, H.; Harasaki, H.; Sutton, C.; Hollman, J., 1992:
Effects of design geometry of intravascular endoprostheses on stenosis rate in normal rabbits

Max, M.B.; Lynch, S.A.; Muir, J.; Shoaf, S.E.; Smoller, B.; Dubner, R., 1992:
Effects of desipramine, amitriptyline, and fluoxetine on pain in diabetic neuropathy

K.H.J.; Paik, I.H., 1991:
Effects of desipramine and electroconvulsive shock on beta adrenoceptor in rat brain

Price, L.H.; Charney, D.S.; Delgado, P.L.; Anderson, G.M.; Heninger, G.R., 1989:
Effects of desipramine and fluvoxamine treatment on the prolactin response to tryptophan. Serotonergic function and the mechanism of antidepressant action

Cohen, M.D.; Finberg, J.; Dibner-Dunlap, M.; Yuih, S.N.; Thames, M.D., 1990:
Effects of desipramine hydrochloride on peripheral sympathetic nerve activity

Clemson, B.; Baily, R.G.; Davis, D.; Zelis, R., 1990:
Effects of desipramine on norepinephrine clearance in congestive heart failure

Rommelspacher, H.; Wolffgramm, J.; Widjaja, S., 1989:
Effects of desipramine on rat behavior are prevented by concomitant treatment with ethanol

Esler, M.D.; Wallin, G.; Dorward, P.K.; Eisenhofer, G.; Westerman, R.; Meredith, I.; Lambert, G.; Cox, H.S.; Jennings, G., 1991:
Effects of desipramine on sympathetic nerve firing and norepinephrine spillover to plasma in humans

Andersson, T.L.; Solem, J.O.; Tengborn, L.; Vinge, E., 1990:
Effects of desmopressin acetate on platelet aggregation, von Willebrand factor, and blood loss after cardiac surgery with extracorporeal circulation

Flordal, P.; Svensson, J.; Ljungstroem K G., 1991:
Effects of desmopressin and dextran on coagulation and fibrinolysis in healthy volunteers

Boda, Z.; Harsfalvi, J.; Tornai, I.; Rak, K., 1989:
Effects of desmopressin ddavp on the primary hemostasis in willebrand's disease and liver cirrhosis

Flordal, P.A.; Ljungstrom K G.; Ekman, B.; Neander, G., 1992:
Effects of desmopressin in blood loss in hip arthroplasty controlled study in 50 patients

Li, K.Y.; Zhu, J.M.; Cao, X.D., 1990:
Effects of destruction of preoptic catecholaminergic nerve terminal on acupuncture analgesia

Zhu, J.M.; Li, K.Y.; Cao, X.D., 1990:
Effects of destruction of preoptic catecholaminergic nerve terminals on acupuncture analgesia

Yamazaki, Y., 1992:
Effects of destructive periodontitis induced by diet on the mechanical properties of the periodontal ligament of the mandibular first molar in golden hamsters

Bondonno, A.; Von Holy, A.; Baecker, A.A.W., 1989:
Effects of desulfovibrio and thiobacillus biofilms on the corrosion of electroless nickel plated mild steel

Milder, S.J.; Thorgeirsson, T.E.; Miercke, L.J.W.; Stroud, R.M.; Kliger, D.S., 1991:
Effects of detergent environments on the photocycle of purified monomeric bacteriorhodopsin

Weiner, J.S.; Rudy, B., 1988:
Effects of detergent on the binding of solubilized sodium channels to immobilized wheat germ agglutinin structural implications

Tang, D.; Jankowiak, R.; Seibert, M.; Small, G.J., 1991:
Effects of detergent on the excited state structure and relaxation dynamics of the photosystem II reaction center: A high resolution hole burning study

Salac, M.L.B.; Mourao, P.A.S., 1991:
Effects of detergents on the sulfation of chondroitin sulfate by sulfotransferase from chicken embryo epiphyseal cartilage

Katada, J.; Shingyoji, C.; Takahashi, K., 1989:
Effects of detergents used to demembranate the sea urchin spermatozoa on the reactivated flagellar movement with special reference to the rotatability of the plane of flagellar beat

Colliander, E.B.; Tesch, P.A., 1992:
Effects of detraining following short term resistance training on eccentric and concentric muscle strength

Knox, R.G., 1989:
Effects of detrending and rescaling on correspondence analysis solution stability and accuracy

Reice, S.R., 1991:
Effects of detritus loading and fish predation on leafpack breakdown and benthic macroinvertebrates in a woodland stream

Walsh, W.A.; Swanson, C.; Lee C S., 1991:
Effects of development temperature and salinity on metabolism in eggs and yolk sac larvae of milkfish chanos chanos forsskal

Rice, D.C.; Gilbert, S.G., 1990:
Effects of developmental exposure to methyl mercury on spatial and temporal visual function in monkeys

Okano, M.; Hanyu, J.; Nakayama, K.; Kon, H., 1989:
Effects of dew and its mass of the leaf surface on freezing temperature of soybean seedlings

Bennett, A.R.; Bruckart, W.L.; Shishkoff, N., 1991:
Effects of dew plant age and leaf position on the susceptibility of yellow star thistle to puccinia jaceae

Shelly, L.L.; Yeoh, G.C.T., 1991:
Effects of dexamethasone and cyclic amp on tyrosine aminotransferase expression in cultured fetal rat hepatocytes

Jobe, J.B.; Shukitt-Hale, B.; Banderet, L.E.; Rock, P.B., 1991:
Effects of dexamethasone and high terrestrial altitude on cognitive performance and affect

Magielska-Zero, D.; Guzdek, A.; Bereta, J.; Kurdowska, A.; Cieszka, K.; Koj, A., 1988:
Effects of dexamethasone and insulin on the acute phase response of Morris hepatoma cells and of rat hepatocytes in culture

Radovsky, A.S.; Van Vleet, J.F., 1989:
Effects of dexamethasone elution on tissue reaction around stimulating electrodes of endocardial pacing leads in dogs

Kenyon, C.J.; Brown, W.B.; Fraser, R.; Tonolo, G.; McPherson, F.; Davies, D.L., 1990:
Effects of dexamethasone on body fluid and electrolyte composition of rats

Plauth, M.; Raible, A.; Bauder Gross, D.; Vieillard Baron, D.; Fuerst, P.; Hartmann, F., 1991:
Effects of dexamethasone on glutamine metabolism in the isolated vascularly perfused rat small intestine

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Effects of dietary zinc deficiency on the activity of enzymes associated with phase i and ii of drug metabolism in fischer 344 rats activities of drug metabolizing enzymes in zinc deficiency

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Effects of diets on osmotic pressure of hemolymph and egg juice in the silkworm bombyx mori

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Effects of different coccidiostats on performance of large white turkeys

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Effects of different concentrations of quinaldine on the behavior of cyprinus carpio communis

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Effects of different environments and selection for persistency in laying hens ii. egg production performance in laying hens in two different environments cages vs floor

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Effects of different environments and selection for persistency in laying hens iii. genetic and phenotypic parameters of egg production traits

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Effects of different environments and selection for persistency in laying hens iv. efficiency of different alternative selection methods for improving egg production persistency

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Effects of different extraction protocols on endotoxin analyses of airborne grain dusts

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Effects of different farming systems on the presence of epigeal arthropods in particular of carabids coleoptera carabidae in winter wheat plots

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Effects of different fertilization on permanent grassland comparing conventional and biological farming

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Effects of different fertilization practices on the glucose fructose sucrose taste and texture of carrot

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Effects of different fertilization practices on the nitrate nitrogen nitrogen phosphorus potassium calcium magnesium ash and dietary fiber contents of carrot

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Effects of different fertilization practices on the nitrate nitrogen phosphorus potassium calcium magnesium ash and dietary fiber contents of carrot

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Effects of different fertilizing on yield and quality of the table potato varieties gullauge and ottar

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Effects of different levels of light gibberellin nitrogen potassium and phosphate applications on leaf yellowing of lonicera japonica var aureo reticulata

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Effects of different levels of vitamins on the performance of broilers during the winter

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Effects of different methods of peripheral nerve repair on the number and distribution of muscle afferent neurons in rat dorsal root ganglion

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Effects of different mulch materials on the soil environment and growth and yield of red pepper capsicum annuum l

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Effects of different nitrogen sources and concentrations on cam photosynthesis in kalanchoe blossfeldiana

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Effects of different oxygen concentrations upon metabolic reactions of human placentae dually perfused in vitro

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Effects of different packaging materials and techniques on the curing of kashar cheese and on its surface molds

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Effects of different phosphatase producing fungi on growth and nutrition of mung beans vigna radiata l. wilczek in an arid soil

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Effects of different planes of nutrition on the performance of gaddi male kids using concentrate rations and kikuyu grass hay

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Effects of different plasma substitutes on plasma fibronectin concentrations in patients undergoing abdominal surgery

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Effects of different polymers on seedling emergence aggregate stability and crust hardness

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Effects of different protein and energy levels on growth in female kids of gaddi breed

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Effects of different pruning regimes on growth and sapwood area of scots pine

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Effects of different rates of cardiac pacing on rat myocardial energy status

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Effects of different rates of liveweight change from 60 days before calving to calving on the productivity of mature angus breeding cows

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Effects of different ratios of protein and non protein nitrogen in diet on biochemical blood parameters in fattening beef cattle

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Effects of different rhizosphere sizes on the growth distribution patterns and utilization of nitrogen fertilizer in rice plant oryza sativa l

Akita, K.; Tanaka, N.; Tange, M., 1989:
Effects of different rhizosphere sizes on the growth distribution patterns and utilization of nitrogen fertilizers of different varieties of rice plants oryza sativa l

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Effects of different rootstock and training systems on the mineral composition of delicious apple leaves

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Effects of different row widths and plant spacings on several plant characteristics of popcorn zea mays l

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Effects of different salinities on the growth food intake and nutrient composition in underyearling masu salmon oncorhynchus masou b

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Effects of different sample preparations on enumeration of large granular lymphocytes (LGLs), and demonstration of a sex difference of LGLs

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Effects of different selenium concentrations on oxidizing activity of leukocyte chemiluminescence in human whole blood and its application

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Effects of different semipermeable membranes on in vitro and in vivo performance of microdialysis probes

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Effects of different sensory and behavioral manipulations on autotomy caused by sciatic lesion in rats

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Effects of different silvicultural practices and the introduction of earthworms on soil structure in hardwood plantations

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Effects of different sodium chloride concentrations on growth and water economy of blutaparon portulacoides st. hil. mears amaranthaceae

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Effects of different sodium intakes on renal and cloacal sodium excretion in chukars aves phasianidae

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Effects of different soil amendments on wilt of pigeonpea cajanus cajan l. huth caused by fusarium udum butler

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Effects of different sources and methods of iron application on the uptake of iron phosphorus and calcium by tomato cultivars

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Effects of different spacings on the growth and flower yield of pyrethrum chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium vis

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Effects of different stocking densities on physiological parameters and growth of adult atlantic salmon salmo salar l. reared in circular tanks

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Effects of different thrombolytic agents on blood rheology in acute myocardial infarction

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Effects of different thyroid treatments on the biochemical characteristics of rabbit myocardium

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Effects of different tillage systems on soil structure and water infiltration of a loess and a sand soil

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Effects of different treatment modalities on gait symmetry and clinical measures for sacroiliac joint patients

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Effects of different types of diet and sodium saccharin on proliferation at the limiting ridge of the rat forestomach

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Effects of different types of exercise on glucose metabolism

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Effects of different types of industrial noise on hearing

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