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Effects of different ratios of protein and non protein nitrogen in diet on biochemical blood parameters in fattening beef cattle

Nikolic, P.; Adamovic, M.; Stoicevic, L.; Koljajic, V.; Rajic, I.

Veterinarski Glasnik 45(6-7): 481-486


ISSN/ISBN: 0350-2457
Accession: 007272852

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In the course of the study, effects of the diet with three levels of crude proteins (12%, 15%, 18% meal) or the equivalent protein from urea (0%, 20%, 40%) on the major parameters of blood serum have been studied in flattening beef cattle. The level of urea in blood increased following increased protein in the diet (3.10 : 4.37 : 5.82 mmol/l - treatments I, II and III, respectively), resulting in statistically significant differences (P<0.01). No statistical significance was established after increased diet non-protein nitrogen. The level of urea in blood serum was 4.02-4.62 mmol/l in treatments a, b and c. Levels of glucose, Ca, P and transaminases (GOT, PPT) did not deviate markedly from the optimal values. It can, therefore, be concluded that the diet did not produce any adverse effects on the health of beef cattle involved in experiment.

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