Effects of intranasal neostigmine on oesophageal motility in man

Foschi, D.; Callioni, F.; Castoldi, L.; D'Elia, A.; Benvenuti, C.; Nicora, M.

Pharmacological Research 25(4): 311-316


ISSN/ISBN: 1043-6618
PMID: 1409244
DOI: 10.1016/1043-6618(92)90667-z
Accession: 007277607

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The effects of intranasally administered neostigmine on oesophageal peristalsis and lower oesophageal sphincter tone were investigated in 21 healthy volunteers. After 30 min of basal recording of oesophageal tracings, neostigmine (3 or 5.4 mg) or the inert vehicle were given. The oesophageal recording was continued for 45-60 min after administration. Neostigmine increased the amplitude and duration of the peristaltic waves without significantly affecting conduction. Lower oesophageal sphincter tone was also increased but post-swallowing relaxation was normal. At the highest dose, the effects of neostigmine lasted 45 min or more. There were no side effects and the heart rate was only slightly slowed. The results suggest that intranasal administration of neostigmine might be clinically useful for stimulation of upper gastrointestinal tract peristalsis.