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Effects of rutin and hesperidin on total cholesterol concentration transaminase and alkaline phosphatase activity in carbon tetrachloride treated rats

Effects of rutin and hesperidin on total cholesterol concentration transaminase and alkaline phosphatase activity in carbon tetrachloride treated rats

Agricultural Chemistry and Biotechnology 34(4): 318-326

This study was devised to investigate the effects of flavonoids on carbon tetrachloride toxicity of rats. Through the experiments, the contents of total cholesterol, transaminase(GOT, GPT) and alkaline phosphatase(Alk. P) activities in the liver and serum were determined. The results obtained are summarized as follows: The liver cholesterol concentration of flavonoid injection groups were remarkably increased up to 45% at 2 days after CCl4 injection and then the values were almost recovered to the level of control group at 4 days after CCl4 injection. The increase of serum cholesterol content was inhibited by the flavonoids after CCl4 injection, but the result was not significant. Flavonoids injection was found to have the ability to decrease the elevated serum GOT, Alk. P activities resulting from injection of CCl4 and induce rapid recovery from such an elevated level and the extent of such a decreasing action was greatest in hesperidin injection group. The liver microsomal Alk. P and GOT activities were not affected by the treatment of flavonoids. The elevated serum and liver microsomal GPT activities induced by CCl4 injection were inhibited by the injection of flavonoids.

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