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Effects of seeding rates and inter row spacings on yield yield components and some quality factors of barley

Ahmed, M.K.; Lund, S.; Flannery, R.L.; Funk, C.R.

Indian Journal of Agricultural Research 25(3): 132-140


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8245
Accession: 007284142

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Field experiments were conducted during 1968 and 1969 to test the effects of seeding rates and inter-row spacings yield, yield components, percentage of plump kernels and grain protein of a 2-row winter barley. The average increase in grain yields were 217 and 254 kg/ha for 108 and 162 kg/ha seeding rates. Increase in yield due to 22.9 and 30.5 cm inter-row spacing were 336 and 454 kg/ha. Number of spike per square metre and seed weight were also influenced by seeding rates in 1968. The inter-row spacings influenced all the yield components in both years. The percentage of plump kernels and grain protein were neither affected by seeding rates nor by inter-row spacings in either years.

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