Energy and protein output of alfalfa depending on the phase of harvesting first regrowth

Chobanova, S.; Aleksiev, A.

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 26(6): 70-75


Accession: 007301948

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An experiment was conducted on the effect of the harvesting phase of alfalfa first swath on the total annual output of energy and protein per unit of area. For that purpose were used well trimmed, weedless triennial alfalfa crops on meadow-maroon soil. The experiment was conducted according to the block method in seven replications. Studied was the effect of the seven harvesting terms of alfalfa first regrowth i.e. on the 25th of April, 30th of April, 5th of May, 10th of May, 15th of May, 20th of May, and 25th of May. Data obtained showed that: The harvesting phase of alfalfa first regrowth had a marked impact on nutrient yield. With the advance of vegetation from the phase prior to budding to mass blossoming (in the period 25th of April - 25th of May) the yield of feed units (FU) and crude protein (CP) obtained from a decare changed as follows: (Changes were registered at five day intervals): FU 332, 348, 314, 316, 417, 414, 395; CP (kg) 78.3, 84.7, 90.0, 88.8 99.2, 99.1 99.7. The phase of harvesting alfalfa first regrowth had a further effect of the total annual output of energy and protein from a decare. Depending on the time of harvesting the first regrowth the annual output of FU and CP was the following: Date of reything the of regrowth 25.04, 2.05, 5.05, 10.05, 15.05, 20.05, 25.05; FU 1372, 1429, 1325, 1336, 1445, 1483, 1408; CP (kg) 339.6, 347.3, 340.9, 337.4, 354.5, 369.6, 356.4. On utilization of green mass for silage or haylage the indicated output should be reduced at least by 18% on account of unavoidable, losses connected with ensilage. On harvesting alfalfa first regrowth in the course of 30 days (25th of April - 25th of May), for utilization as green feed, was attained annual output of 1400 FU and 349.4 kg CP per decare. On harvesting alfalfa first regrowth at the most favourable phase (20th of May) its utilization as silage or haylage reached an annual output of 1216 FU and 303 kg CP per decare on condition that losses of ensilage were the least possible.