Energy and protein requirements for maintenance of holstein cattle

Kang, W.S.; Thak, T.Y.; Kang, T.H.; Chung, C.Y.

Korean Journal of Animal Science 31(10): 642-648


Accession: 007301950

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To estimate the energy and protein requirements for maintenance of dry Holstein cows, 3 series of experiments on nitrogen and energy balance were conducted. The results obtianed were as follow. 1. Nitrogen excreted into urine on 4-5th day of fasting was 405.7 mg/W0.75, and DCP requirement was 2.5 g/W0.75/day. 2. Net energy, metabolizable energy, digestible energy and TDN requirements for maintenance were 88.3, 116.4, 150.4 Kcal and 38.4 g per metabolic body size, respectively.