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Enzyme polymorphisms in cherry species prunus spp of the sections eucerasus pseudocerasus and mahaleb

Kaurisch, P.; Hackenberg, E.M.; Gruppe, W.; Koehler, W.

Angewandte Botanik 63(5-6): 533-542


Accession: 007307054

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Twenty-five Prunus species, cultivars and hybrids were investigated by means of starch gel electrophoresis on 8 different enzyme systems. The analysed species could be distinguished at 7 polymorphic loci, by qualitative differences (i. e. appearance or disappearance of bands). We also found clear differences in the relative staining intensity of bands (i. e. gene dosage effects), which makes an identification of the genetic structure and ploidie level possible. Prunus Wadai, a cultivar with an unknown ploidie level, could be identified as a tetraploid by several enzyme systems.

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