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Chapter 7,312

Erodibility indices for two latosols from lavras region minas gerais state brazil

Lima, P.M.D.P.

Ciencia e Pratica 14(1): 107-112


Accession: 007311036

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The erodibility index, (k factor), was determined for two very clayey Oxisols (a Dark Red Latosol and a Red-Yellow Latosol), with 6-6.8%, and 7.3% of slope, respectively, by the direct method using a rainfall simulator. The results showed the Red-Yellow Latosol being more susceptible to erosion (k = 0.13) and, therefore, needing a more careful soil tillage. The Dark Red Latosol had a erodibility index 62% lower (k = 0.05) than the Red-Yellow Latosol. It was also stressed that these values are not values of the k factor of the Soil Loss Universal Equatin, but a erodibility index of value in inter-relations and comparisons with the values obtained with natural rains and nomograms.

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