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Evaluating oxygen delivery and oxygen utilization with mixed venous oxygen saturation monitoring: a case study approach

Gawlinski, A.; Henneman, E.A.

Heart and Lung the Journal of Critical Care 19(5 Pt 2): 566-570


ISSN/ISBN: 0147-9563
PMID: 2211169
Accession: 007317058

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Three case studies are presented to demonstrate clinical application of mixed venous oxygen saturation (S.hivin.vO2) monitoring in critical care nursing practice. Examples of critically ill patients are used to demonstrate how S.hivin.vO2 monitoring can be used in clinical practice to reflect an imbalance between oxygen utilization. In the first case, the patient had a problem with oxygen delivery. Continuous S.hivin.vO2 data aided nurses in guiding, adjusting, and assessing therapy. The second case demonstrates how S.hivin.vO2 monitoring can provide an early sign of a life-threatening complication. The final case is one in which the patient had a problem with oxygen utilization. In all the cases, continuous S.hivin.vO2 data provided important information about the balance between oxygen delivery and oxygen utilization.

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