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Evaluation of ontario canada grown cereals for susceptibility to wheat streak mosaic virus

Bottacin, A.; Nassuth, A.

Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 12(3): 267-272


ISSN/ISBN: 0706-0661
Accession: 007320438

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The susceptibility of seedlings of different cultivars of wheat, oat, and barley, and breeding lines of corn to infection by two strains of wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV) was evaluated in growth chambers. Symptoms ranged from severe to indistinguishable from the healthy controls. Investigations with WSMV antibodies by dot blot and leaf squash blot assays revealed a positive correlation between symptom severity and the amount of virus accumulated. In addition, the presence of the virus in leaves was detected by inoculation of wheat, cv. Fredrick (back test). The results indicated that some commercial cultivars are resistant to WSMV infection and could be used in breeding programs. It is suggested that testing of these cultivars in the field for WSMV infection can be restricted to those displaying mosaic symptoms. A modified squash blot assay appears to be the easiest and fastest method.

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