Evidence of leaf rust puccinia hordei otth tolerance in winter barley hordeum vulgare l. cultivar plana

Beer, W.W.; Westphal, B.; Herrmann, M.

Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenkrankheiten und Pflanzenschutz 97(4): 360-366


Accession: 007326041

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In fungicide trials for controlling leaf rust (Puccinia hordei) in winter barley (Hordeum vulgare) cultivars with different leaf rust resistances conducted over 3 years at the Plant Breeding Institute Gulzow-Gustrow, the yield performance of three cultivars corresponded to their leaf rust resistance.Only cv. 'Plana', which was used as a susceptible standard, showed high and stable yields in variants with and without leaf rust control that could be interpreted as tolerance.