Section 8
Chapter 7,332

Neurobiochemistry of experimental lesions of the basal nucleus of Meynert

Reine, G.; Nieoullon, A.

Revue Neurologique (Paris) 148(1): 24-38


ISSN/ISBN: 0035-3787
PMID: 1604111
Accession: 007331740

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Lesions of the nucleus basalis magnocellularis (of Meynert) in rats induce severe cognitive impairments, in both mnesic and attentional functions. During the last 10 years, many studies tended to establish some relationships between the behavioral and biochemical effects of such lesions. Recent data show that the activity of some peptidergic and glutamaterigic neurons in target areas is modified by cholinergic deafferentation. A new physiological interpretation may be proposed for the associated cognitive deficits.

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