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Experimental studies on serial passage of hav in human leukocytes and propagation of hav in various kinds of leukocytes in vitro

Zheng J S.; Li F Q.; Lin J Q.; Pan X Z.; Tan W G.

Virologica Sinica 6(1): 79-83


ISSN/ISBN: 1674-0769
Accession: 007332250

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This paper reports the experimental studies on propagation of HAV in the human mononuclear leukocytes in vitro. The mononuclear leukocytes were separated from the peripheral blood of healthy persons and the umbilical blood of fetus using Ficoll-Hypaque technique. The NJ-3 strain of HAV was inoculated into the adherent cells in culture flask and the suspensions of mononuclear leukocytes. After incubation the cultures were examined by indirect IF technique. It was found that both the adherent and nonadherent mononuclear leukocytes could be infected and propagated by HAV. The numbers of leukocytes with IF granules of HAV were found to be increased as time went on and also with the increasing passages. On serial passage HAV could propagate in the leukocytes over 4 passages. TCID50 increased from 10-1/ml at passage 2 to 10-4.25/ml at passage 4. In further studies, the monocytes and T or B lymphocytes were separated and purified using E-Rosette Forming method. The NJ-3 strain of HAV was inoculated into the cells respectively. After incubation, the results indicated that HAV could propagate in monocytes and T cells but hardly or not propagate in B lymphocytes.