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Factors affecting activity of cmcase and xylanase produced by sporotrichum thermophile and fractionation of the enzymes

El Naghy M.A.; El Ktatny M.S.; Attia A.A.

Zentralblatt fuer Mikrobiologie 146(5): 379-385


Accession: 007340768

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CMC-ase and Xylanase were detected in culture filtrate of Sporotrichum thermophile grown on sugarcane bagasse as a sole carbon source. Activity of both enzymes as affected by incubation time of the reaction mixture, pH and temperature was determined. Optimum incubation time was 4 h for CMC-ase, 40 h for xylanase and optimum pH and temperature for both enzymes were 4.5 and 45.degree. C respectively. Fractionation of extracellular enzyme proteins secreted by S. thermophile grown on bagasse and on cellulose powder by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis revealed the presence of 5 protein fractions with CMC-ase activity in culture filtrate obtained from bagasse and 6 fractions in case of filtrates obtained from cellulose. Xylanase was produced in presence of bagasse but not in presence of cellulose and comprised four fractions indicating the inductive nature of the enzyme.

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