Feed intake and growth of black pied dairy bulls and beef bulls on different diets

Matthes, W.; Totske, K.; Freundt, B.; Nicola, M.

Archiv fuer Tierzucht 34(1): 11-20


Accession: 007346360

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In three experiments, 143 Black-Pied dairy bulls (SMR) and 133 beef bulls (FR) of different genotypes were fed individually rations for fattening with concentrates providing for either 30, 50, 65 or 80% of the dietary energy in SMR and for 30, 50 or 65% of the energy in FR, respectively. The bulls were examined from day 200 of life until they reached live weights of 500 kg (SMR; exp.I) and 550 kg (FR; exp. II) or until day 520 of life (exp. III). Black-Pied dairy bulls showed increasing rates of feed intake and daily weight gain when fed on diets where only up to 50% of the energy came from concentrates. When concentrates made up for higher dietary energy percentages, feed intake declined and weight gain rates increased just moderately. Beef bulls, however, exhibited higher feed intake and weight gain rates even when 65% of the dietary was provided by concentrates. At lower weights beef bulls had a poorer feed intake capacity than Black-Pied dairy bulls, but with increasing live weights the differences got smaller.