Feeding strategies for dairy cattle. Comparison of flat rate feeding and standard feeding during early lactation

Andries, J.I.; de Brabander, D.L.; Buysse, F.X.

Archiv für Tierernährung 38(7-8): 651-661


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-942X
PMID: 3202694
Accession: 007346944

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In a 14-week experiment beginning at week 4 postpartum, with 40 individually housed autumn calving cows a system of flat rate feeding (F) was compared with standard feeding (N). The basal ration consisted of a restricted amount of maize silage and ad libitum grass silage. Average daily concentrate DM consumed was 6.3 and 6.5 kg for treatment F and N respectively. Treatment F resulted in a non-significant higher forage DM intake. Covariant adjusted yields of milk (27.8 and 27.9 kg/d) and 4% fat corrected milk (28.3 and 28.3 kg/d) were not decreased by treatment F. The system of concentrate allocation had no effect on either milk composition or body weight changes. The results are discussed in relation to other data.