First records for cymatium mundum new record gould in the eastern pacific ocean with comments on the zoogeography of the tropical trans pacific tonnacean and non tonnacean prosobranch gastropods with indo pacific faunal affinities in west american waters

Emerson, W.K.

Nautilus 105(2094): 62-80


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-1344
Accession: 007351670

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Cymatium (Monoplex) mundum (Gould, 1849), a wide-ranging Indo-West Pacific species, is recorded from the Galapagos Islands. This taxon has yet to be recognized elsewhere in the eastern Pacific Ocean, but is here reported from the western Atlantic for the first time. A lectotype is selected for Cymatium gemmatum (Reeve, 1844), which was previously confused with C. mundum. The occurrences are documented in west American waters for other trans-Pacific Tonnacean species of the following genera: Tonna in the Tonnidae, Charonia, Cymatium, Linatella in the Ranellidae, Distorsio in the Personidae, and Bursa in the Bursidae. The modern Tonnacean faunal element in the eastern Pacific apparently reflects survivors of a previously widespread, post-Tethyan biota modified by factors resulting from the closure of the Central American Seaways about three million years ago, together with post-Pliocene supplementation from the central Pacific. The present non-Tonnacean prosobranchs in the eastern Pacific with Indo-Pacific faunal affinities appear to represent largely post-Pliocene additions to the eastern Pacific that were derived from western Pacific communities.