Freezing preservation of dormant buds and callus of populus koreana x populus nigra var italica

Chung, H.G.; Kim, S.H.; Lee, S.K.

Research Report of the Forest Genetics Research Institute 25: 142-148


Accession: 007361374

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The long-term preservation of plant germplasms to use in future is important part of tree improvement. This study was designed to develope routine method for long-term perservation of germplasms, such as dormant buds and callus of Populus koreana .times. P. nigra var. italica in liquid nitrogen. The samples were treated with various cryoprotectants, such as dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), glycerin and proline alone or mixtures of them with various concentrations. The results obtained from this study are summarized as follows: 1. When the samples treated with 5% DMSO and 5% glycerin were prefrozen at and immersed in liquid nitrogen and thereafter thawed slowly in the incubator at, dormant buds showed survival rate of 68%. 2. The survival rate of the samples were investigated after storage for 1hr, 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 60 days each in liquid nitrogen. In 60-day storage 60% of the samples survived and were able to grown in the culture medium and pot cutting. 3. Genetic stability of plantlets induced from frozen samples was not observed compared with unfrozen shoots in normal appearing plantlets. The results suggest that preservation of Populus germplasm for further tree improvement may be possible via the storage of Populus tissue and organ in liquid nitrogen.