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Gametogenic cycle of sea scallops placopecten magellanicus gmelin 1791 in the mid atlantic bight

Schmitzer, A.C.; Dupaul, W.D.; Kirkley, J.E.

Journal of Shellfish Research 10(1): 221-228


ISSN/ISBN: 0730-8000
Accession: 007368187

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Gametogenesis of the sea scallop, Placopecten magellanicus (Gmelin), from three areas within the mid-Atlantic Bight was examined from January to December 1988. Histological and morphometric quantification of gonadal tissue concluded that a semiannual gametogenic cycle was characteristic of sea scallops from the mid-Atlantic Bight. The majority of spawning occurred in May and November. Gonadal development in spring comprised a longer period of time and resulted in greater fecundity than in fall. Differences were found in the timing and magnitude of the semiannual gametogenic processes between sex, area, and water depth within the study area. Varying temperature patterns between the mid-Atlantic Bight and more northerly resource areas may be partially responsible for the observed difference in gametogenic cycles. Semiannual spawning has potential implications for management strategies which are currently based on the assumption of annual spawning and recruitment events.

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