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Genetic markers for prunus avium l. 2. clonal identifications and discrimination from prunus cerasus and prunus cerasus x prunus avium

Santi, F.; Lemoine, M.

Annales des Sciences Forestieres 47(3): 219-228


Accession: 007374412

The polymorphism of 9 enzyme systems (ACP = EC, AMY = EC, GOT = EC, IDH = EC, LAP = EC, MDH = EC, PGM = EC, SDH = EC, TO = EC was studied in 198 wild cherry, "plus-trees" selected mostly in France. The variability at 8 loci allowed the positive characterization of most of them (72%). Among the 45 "plus-tree" clones supplied to French nurseries in 1988, 2 pairs remain indistinguishable. Keys for distinguishing wild cherries from sour or duke cherries were found in 3 enzyme systems (ACP, LAP, SDH): 3-10 additional bands were found in 33 sour or duke cherry cultivars of various origins, compared to 286 wild cherries. But these isozymes are probably insufficient to allow detection of minor introgressions of sour cherry in wild cherries.

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