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Chapter 7,376

Genetics of the genus acrocomia palmae ii. biochemical systematics

Lopes, C.R.; Reis, S.F.D.; Moretzsohn, M.C.; Ferreira, M.A.

Journal of Genetics and Breeding 45(3): 223-226


Accession: 007375917

Natural populations of Acromia aculeata were sampled in 23 locations across the BR153, in the states of Goias and Maranhao and assessed for genetic variability in 12 presumptive loci. Nei's genetic distances among populations varied from 0.010 to 0.507 with a mean of 0.122. UPGMA cluster analysis of genetic distances showed that population relatedness is not congruent with geographic proximity . The lack of geographical structure in the variation of allele frequencies is further corroborated by the lack of statistical significant correlation between geographic distance and genetic distance. These results suggest that variation in the sampled populations of Acrocomia aculeata are similar to that observed in geographical populations of other plant species, and corroborate a recent taxonomic treatment based on morphologic characters by Lleras and Coradin.

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