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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 7378

Chapter 7378 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Geochemical conditions of metallization of the lijiagou lead zinc deposit gansu province
, Acta Geologica Sinica 65(3): 275-284 (1991)

Geochemical determination of fluorine in the surface waters of the montseny guilleries massif barcelona and girona spain
, Acta Geologica Hispanica 23(1): 61-70 (1988)

Geochemical differences in an oxisol spodosol toposequence of amazonia brazil
, Geoderma 44(1): 29-42 (1989)

Geochemical distribution of heavy metals in agricultural soils from transylvania romania
, Analele Institutului de Cercetari Pentru Pedologie si Agrochimie 49: 339-361 (1989)

Geochemical evidence of saharan dust parent material for soils developed on quaternary limestones of caribbean and western atlantic islands
, Quaternary Research 33(2): 157-177 (1990)

Geochemical evolution in the cambrian ordovician sandstone aquifer eastern wisconsin usa 2. correlation between flow paths and ground water chemistry
, Ground Water 29(4): 510-515 (1991)

Geochemical fluxes of trace elements in agrolandscapes in the central european ussr
, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 302(1): 211-214 (1988)

Geochemical interpretation of cancer maps of Finland
, Environmental Geochemistry and Health 11(3-4): 145-147 (1989)

Geochemical investigation of growth in selected recent articulate brachiopods
, Lethaia 25(3): 331-345 (1992)

Geochemical investigations of the cretaceous tertiary boundary in the inversand pit gloucester county new jersey
, Bulletin of the New Jersey Academy of Science 37(1): 19-24 (1992)

Geochemical kinetics of glucose and amino acids consumption in laboratory and lake inawashiro japan sediments
, Memoirs of the Faculty of Science Shimane University 24: 113-126 (1990)

Geochemical mass balances and weathering rates in forested watersheds of the southern blue ridge ii. effects of botanical uptake terms
, Geoderma 51(1-4): 29-50 (1991)

Geochemical migration of radionuclides in forest ecosystems within the zone of radioactive contamination around the chernobyl nuclear power plant ukrainian ssr ussr
, Pochvovedenie (10): 41-50 (1990)

Geochemical processes controlling concentrations of aluminum iron and manganese in nova scotia canada lakes
, Limnology and Oceanography 35(7): 1516-1534 (1990)

Geochemical prospection of cadmium in a high incidence area of prostate cancer, Sierra de Gata, Salamanca, Spain
, Science of the Total Environment 116(3): 243-251 (1992)

Geochemical studies in a remote scottish uk upland catchment ii. streamwater chemistry during snow melt
, Water Air and Soil Pollution 43(3-4): 231-248 (1989)

Geochemical studies of lambidogi hazara phosphates pakistan
, Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 34(7-8): 265-271 (1991)

Geochemical studies on the coastal lakes of kamikoshiki island in kagoshima prefecture japan i. a preliminary report
, Japanese Journal of Limnology 51(4): 261-268 (1990)

Geochemical study of sediment contamination in new bedford harbor massachusetts usa
, Marine Environmental Research 29(2): 77-102 (1990)

Geochemical transformations and modeling of two deep well injected hazardous wastes
, Ground Water 29(5): 671-677 (1991)

Geochemical zonality of the late bodenia basin in volyn podolian region ukrainian ssr ussr based on paleobiogeochemical data
, Doklady Akademii Nauk Ukrainskoi SSR Seriya B Geologicheskie Khimicheskie i Biologicheskie Nauki (7): 3-6 (1989)

Geochemistry and its variability of ferromanganese crusts in the central pacific
, Ocean Research 12(2): 105-116 (1990)

Geochemistry and loading history of phosphate and silicate in the hudson estuary
, Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 34(3): 213-233 (1992)

Geochemistry and organic contaminants in the sediments of great slave lake northwest territories canada
, Arctic 45(1): 10-19 (1992)

Geochemistry and soil chemistry reactions occurring during in situ vitrification
, Journal of Hazardous Materials 26(3): 343-364 (1991)

Geochemistry of dissolved inorganic carbon in a coastal plain aquifer 1. sulfate from confining beds as an oxidant in microbial carbon dioxide production
, Journal of Hydrology (Amsterdam) 127(1-4): 85-108 (1991)

Geochemistry of dissolved inorganic carbon in a coastal plain aquifer 2. modeling carbon sources sinks and delta carbon 13 evolution
, Journal of Hydrology (Amsterdam) 127(1-4): 109-136 (1991)

Geochemistry of ground waters from the great artesian basin australia
, Journal of Hydrology (Amsterdam) 126(3-4): 225-246 (1991)

Geochemistry of manganese and iron in lake sediments in relation to lake acidity
, Limnology and Oceanography 37(3): 603-613 (1992)

Geochemistry of metals in kraternaya bight ecosystem russian sfsr ussr
, Biologiya Morya (Vladivostok) (3): 29-36 (1989)

Geochemistry of organic matter of bottom depositions from the weddell sea antarctica
, Okeanologiya 29(3): 429-435 (1989)

Geochemistry of sediments from the flank province of costa rica rift in the panama basin
, Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan 42(4): 199-220 (1991)

Geochemistry of subglacial calcites implications for the hydrology of the basal water film
, Arctic and Alpine Research 22(2): 141-152 (1990)

Geochemistry of surface waters of vojvodina yugoslavia
, Journal of Hydrology (Amsterdam) 137(1-4): 33-55 (1992)

Geochemistry of suspended matter from the baltic sea 2. results of bulk trace metal analysis by aas
, Marine Chemistry 38(3-4): 303-323 (1992)

Geochemistry of the anoxic great ghost lake taiwan
, Proceedings of the National Science Council Republic of China Part A Physical Science and Engineering 14(1): 16-20 (1990)

Geochemistry of the continental margin sediments of the central west coast of india
, Journal of the Geological Society of India 35(1): 19-38 (1990)

Geochemistry of the mamainse point volcanics ontario canada and implications for the keweenawan paleomagnetic record
, Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 27(9): 1194-1199 (1990)

Geochemistry of the soils of spitsbergen norway
, Pochvovedenie (2): 5-20 (1990)

Geochemistry of the volcanic rocks in the alisitos formation of la bocana stream in the state of baja california norte mexico
, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Instituto de Geologia Revista 7(1): 78-88 (1988)

Geochronology and subsurface stratigraphy of pukapuka and rakahanga atolls cook islands late quaternary reef growth and sea level history
, Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology 91(3-4): 377-394 (1992)

Geochronology at the namew lake nickel copper ore body flin flon area manitoba canada thermal history of a metamorphic terrane
, Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 28(3): 309-325 (1991)

Geochronology of a rich early pleistocene vertebrate fauna leisey shell pit tampa bay florida usa
, Quaternary Research 32(1): 96-110 (1989)

Geochronology strontium isotope analysis magnetostratigraphy and plankton stratigraphy across the oligocene miocene boundary in the contessa section gubbio italy
, Newsletters on Stratigraphy 23(3): 151-180 (1991)

Geocorinae of turkey insecta heteroptera lygaeidae
, Entomologische Abhandlungen 53(1-7): 27-36 (1989)

Geocoris spp hemiptera lygaeidae and the striped lynx spider araneae oxyopidae cross predation and prey preferences
, Journal of Economic Entomology 82(4): 1106-1110 (1989)

Geoduck panopea abrupta conrad 1849 size density and quality as related to various environmental parameters in puget sound washington
, Journal of Shellfish Research 10(1): 65-78 (1991)

Geodynamic aspects of studies of quaternary inland sediments in south spitsbergen attempt to synthesis
, Polish Polar Research 11(3-4): 365-387 (1990)

Geodynamical significance of platform carbonates subducting beneath the new hebrides island arc southwest pacific ocean
, Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie II Mecanique-Physique-Chimie Sciences de l'Univers Sciences de la Terre 313(6): 661-668 (1991)

Geoecological studies of lake baikal russian sfsr ussr
, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR 310(6): 1442-1446 (1990)

Geographic affinity of bird species associated with rocky mountain juniper woodlands and adjacent grasslands in southwestern south dakota usa
, Prairie Naturalist 23(1): 25-34 (1991)

Geographic and birth cohort associations of Kaposi's sarcoma among homosexual men in Canada
, American Journal of Epidemiology 134(5): 485-488 (1991)

Geographic and climatic factors associated with the spatial structure of gene frequencies in castanea sativa mill. from turkey
, Journal of Genetics 69(3): 141-150 (1990)

Geographic and ecological variability of gymnocephalus cernuus linnaeus 1758 osteichthyes percidae from poland
, Fragmenta Faunistica 33(1-11): 149-178 (1990)

Geographic and gender variations in total tobacco use
, American Journal of Public Health 82(1): 103-106 (1992)

Geographic and genetic soil science in the usa priorities for development
, Pochvovedenie (4): 28-37 (1990)

Geographic and genetic variability of height growth in young abies cephalonica
, Annales des Sciences Forestieres 48(3): 279-296 (1991)

Geographic and interspecific variation in two proisotoma spp collembola isotomidae
, Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 34(3): 643-650 (1990)

Geographic and local variation in nesting phenology and clutch size of the black oystercatcher
, Condor 93(4): 892-903 (1991)

Geographic and marine isolation an assessment of the marine algae of easter island central pacific ocean
, Pacific Science 41(1-4): 1-20 (1987)

Geographic and seasonal distribution of the infective stage of ceratomyxa shasta myxozoa in northern california usa
, Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 7(3): 165-170 (1989)

Geographic and seasonal distribution of the vaquita phocoena sinus
, Anales del Instituto de Biologia Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Serie Zoologia 62(2): 263-268 (1991)

Geographic and seasonal variation of okadaic acid content in farmed mussels mytilus edulis linnaeus 1758 along the swedish west coast
, Journal of Shellfish Research 9(1): 103-108 (1990)

Geographic and sexual variation in the skull of pacific coast marten martes americana
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 67(6): 1386-1393 (1989)

Geographic and socioeconomic variation in the onset of decline of coronary heart disease mortality in white women
, American Journal of Public Health 82(2): 204-209 (1992)

Geographic and temporal variation in shell morphology of acanthina spp from california and northern baja california
, Veliger 35(3): 195-204 (1992)

Geographic and temporal variation in the diet of yellow headed blackbirds
, Condor 93(4): 975-986 (1991)

Geographic and temporal variations of sugar and margarine consumption in relation to Crohn's disease
, Digestion 41(3): 161-171 (1988)

Geographic changes of continuing observation in ischemic cerebrovascular disease report of 2 cases
, Tianjin Medical Journal 18(9): 523-525 (1990)

Geographic differences in digoxin inactivation, a metabolic activity of the human anaerobic gut flora
, Gut 30(7): 971-977 (1989)

Geographic differentiation and distribution of the peruvian screech owl
, Wilson Bulletin 102(2): 199-212 (1990)

Geographic differentiation of nebris microps cuvier 1830 along the southeastern coast of brazil
, Boletim do Instituto Oceanografico 36(1-2): 37-46 (1988)

Geographic distribution and genealogy of mutation 207 of the lipoprotein lipase gene in the french canadian population of quebec
, Human Genetics 89(6): 671-675 (1992)

Geographic distribution and inheritance of three cytoplasmic incompatibility types in Drosophila simulans
, Genetics 129(2): 399-407 (1991)

Geographic distribution and levels of abundance of terricola subterraneus on the ussr territory institute of zoology ukrainian ssr academy of sciences kiev
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 71(2): 86-97 (1992)

Geographic distribution and relative abundance of four species of soricine shrews in hokkaido japan
, Acta Theriologica 35(3-4): 261-268 (1990)

Geographic distribution bathymetry and ecological aspects of stomatopods collected in the oceanographical campaigns dama and atlas in the continental shelf of nayarit michoacan and guerrero mexico
, Anales del Instituto de Biologia Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Serie Zoologia 62(3): 431-451 (1991)

Geographic distribution, frequency, and specimen source of Mycobacterium avium complex serotypes isolated from patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
, Journal of Clinical Microbiology 28(5): 926-929 (1990)

Geographic distribution host plants and seasonal fluctuation of meloidae in mali and senegal
, Insect Science and its Application 10(1): 99-106 (1989)

Geographic distribution of apocynaceae and ochnaceae in the guianas characterization of endemic centers
, Compte Rendu des Seances de la Societe de Biogeographie 67(2): 77-94 (1991)

Geographic distribution of commercial bobcat harvest in texas usa 1978 1986
, Texas Journal of Science 41(4): 379-394 (1989)

Geographic distribution of freshwater raphidophycean algae in japan and the effect of ph on their growth
, Japanese Journal of Phycology 39(2): 179-184 (1991)

Geographic distribution of heat related deaths among elderly persons
, Journal of the American Medical Association 262(16): 2246-2250 (1989)

Geographic distribution of heteropterus morpheus new record pallas in central italy and new stations in the collines metallifers lepidoptera hesperiidae italy
, Linneana Belgica 12(6): 245-251 (1989)

Geographic distribution of isozyme genes in natural abalone
, Bulletin of Tohoku National Fisheries Research Institute (54): 115-124 (1992)

Geographic distribution of lung and stomach cancers in england uk and wales over 50 years changing and unchanging patterns
, British Journal of Cancer 63(5): 773-781 (1991)

Geographic distribution of masarid wasps in chile hymenoptera masaridae
, Acta Entomologica Chilena 15: 277-280 (1989)

Geographic distribution of micronycteris schmidtorum sanborn chiroptera phyllostomidae
, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 104(2): 351-355 (1991)

Geographic distribution of phage types among cultures of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. II. Cultures from India and South Africa
, American Review of Respiratory Disease 142(5): 1000-1003 (1990)

Geographic distribution of ricinulei arachnida
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 67(3): 463-466 (1988)

Geographic distribution of siphonaptera collected from small mammals on lake michigan usa islands
, Great Lakes Entomologist 24(1): 39-44 (1991)

Geographic distribution of snakes of the genus echis in connection with their adaptation to the habitat
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Turkmenskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk (3): 29-33 (1988)

Geographic distribution of the anostracans crustacea in argentina south america
, Studies on Neotropical Fauna and Environment 24(4): 183-188 (1989)

Geographic distribution of the fossorial hylid frog cyclorana platycephala gunther and the taxonomic status of cyclorana slevini loveridge
, Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 114(1-2): 81-86 (1990)

Geographic distribution of the genus batrachospermum rhodophyta batrachospermales in brazil
, Revista Brasileira de Biologia 49(3): 663-670 (1989)

Geographic distribution of the genus himatanthus in tropical south america
, Compte Rendu des Seances de la Societe de Biogeographie 66(3): 103-127 (1990)

Geographic distribution of the species of neodiscoelius stange hymenoptera eumenidae in chile
, Acta Entomologica Chilena 16: 113-118 (1991)

Geographic distribution of the species of the genus dichroplus stal orthoptera acrididae melanoplinae
, Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 33(1): 31-48 (1989)

Geographic distribution of variation in quantitative traits in a world lentil collection
, Euphytica 43(1-2): 97-104 (1989)

Geographic distribution of vrn genes in landraces and improved varieties of spring bread wheat
, Euphytica 45(2): 113-118 (1990)

Geographic distribution of xanthine oxidase, free radical scavengers, creatine kinase, and lactate dehydrogenase enzyme systems in rat heart and skeletal muscle
, American Journal of Anatomy 192(3): 319-323 (1991)

Geographic diversity of human immunodeficiency virus type 1: serologic reactivity to env epitopes and relationship to neutralization
, Journal of Infectious Diseases 165(2): 256-261 (1992)

Geographic ecological distribution of the species of lemnaceae within switzerland compared with the general ranges
, Flora (Jena) 182(1-2): 87-98 (1989)

Geographic information systems gis use in forest pest management a simulated study on mountain pine beetle infestation
, Journal of Korean Forestry Society 78(2): 168-176 (1989)

Geographic mitochondrial DNA variation in the rock hyrax, Procavia capensis
, Molecular Biology and Evolution 9(3): 447-456 (1992)

Geographic origin of pinus sylvestris populations influences the effects of air pollution on flowering and growth
, Water Air and Soil Pollution 62(3-4): 201-212 (1992)

Geographic origin of some trematode species from birds in the azerbaijan ssr ussr
, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk Azerbaidzhanskoi SSR Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk (5): 67-69 (1988)

Geographic origins of Jewish patients with inflammatory bowel disease
, Gastroenterology 97(4): 900-904 (1989)

Geographic partitioning of chloroplast dna variation in the genus datisca datiscaceae
, Plant Systematics and Evolution 181(1-2): 121-132 (1992)

Geographic pattern of variation among asian native rice cultivars oryza sativa l. based on fifteen isozyme loci
, Genome 30(5): 782-792 (1988)

Geographic patterns in species occurrence of tennessee's breeding birds
, Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science 66(4): 195-200 (1991)

Geographic patterns of chromosomal variation in south american marsh rats holochilus brasiliensis and holochilus vulpinus
, Cytogenetics and Cell Genetics 61(1): 10-16 (1992)

Geographic patterns of genetic differentiation among sexual populations of daphnia pulex
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 69(4): 995-1003 (1991)

Geographic patterns of genetic diversity in karri eucalyptus diversicolor f. muell
, Australian Journal of Botany 37(2): 145-156 (1989)

Geographic peripapillary choroidopathy with subretinal neovascularization
, Annali di Ottalmologia e Clinica Oculistica 114(6): 641-646 (1988)

Geographic range of west african freshwater fishes role of biological characteristics and stochastic processes
, Acta Oecologica 11(3): 351-376 (1990)

Geographic relations of the rust fungi of sakhalin and kurile russian sfsr ussr
, Reports of the Tottori Mycological Institute (28): 31-36 (1990)

Geographic risk factors for viral hepatitis and cytomegalovirus infection among united states armed force blood donors
, Transfusion 32(7): 644-647 (1992)

Geographic stomatitis report of 6 cases
, Journal of Oral Pathology and Medicine 20(9): 425-428 (1991)

Geographic study of agricultural mechanization in pakistan
, Sarhad Journal of Agriculture 5(5): 537-544 (1989)

Geographic survey of genetic variation in kava piper methysticum forst. f. and piper wichmannii c. dc
, Pacific Science 45(2): 169-185 (1991)

Geographic tongue and congenital heart disease
, Boletim Clinico dos Hospitais Civis de Lisboa 45(3-4): 95-98 (1988)

Geographic tongue the clinical response to zinc supplementation
, Journal of Trace Elements in Experimental Medicine 3(3): 203-208 (1990)

Geographic variability of agrotis segetum and selection of development time character
, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 50(2): 101-112 (1989)

Geographic variability of cuora amboinensis daudin 1802 with a description of the new subspecies cuora amboinensis kamaroma new subspecies
, Salamandra 27(1-2): 17-45 (1991)

Geographic variability of sorbus aucuparia a
, Rastitel'nye Resursy 26(2): 145-150 (1990)

Geographic variability of spatial niches of species from tit flocks in winter
, Ekologiya (Moscow) (4): 34-38 (1988)

Geographic variability of tails on the hind wings of the swallowtail graphium agamemnon l. and conclusions regarding the spread of this butterfly lepidoptera papilionidae
, Spixiana 12(2): 213-226 (1989)

Geographic variability of terpene composition in abies cephalonica loudon and abies species around the aegean hypotheses for their possible phylogeny from the miocene
, Trees 6(3): 162-171 (1992)

Geographic variants of the immunological structure of the population in the combined foci of tick borne encephalitis and endemic rickettsial infections in the european part of the ussr
, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii (12): 45-50 (1989)

Geographic variation and genetic analysis of leaf shape in crepis tectorum asteraceae
, Plant Systematics and Evolution 178(3-4): 247-258 (1991)

Geographic variation and phenology of pinus halepensis pinus brutia and pinus eldarica in israel
, Forest Ecology and Management 27(2): 99-108 (1989)

Geographic variation and sexual dimorphism in the skull of dall's porpoise phocoenoides dalli
, Marine Mammal Science 8(3): 240-261 (1992)

Geographic variation and sexual dimorphism in the tremblers cinclocerthia and white breasted thrasher ramphocinclus
, Auk 106(2): 249-258 (1989)

Geographic variation and species limits in middle american wood nymphs thalurania
, Wilson Bulletin 104(2): 205-219 (1992)

Geographic variation and stress adaptation of pinus halepensis pinus brutia complex in mediterranean condition preliminary results of a provenance test in france
, Annales des Sciences Forestieres 49(3): 261-276 (1992)

Geographic variation and taxonomic revision of mink mustela vison in florida usa
, Journal of Mammalogy 70(2): 241-252 (1989)

Geographic variation and taxonomic revision of rice rats oryzomys palustris and oryzomys argentatus of the usa
, Journal of Mammalogy 70(3): 557-570 (1989)

Geographic variation and taxonomy of daubenton's bat myotis daubentoni in europe
, Journal of Mammalogy 71(2): 205-218 (1990)

Geographic variation and taxonomy of the southeastern shrew sorex longirostris
, Journal of Mammalogy 72(2): 263-272 (1991)

Geographic variation asymmetry and sexual dimorphism of nonmetric characters in the deer mouse peromyscus maniculatus
, Journal of Mammalogy 71(4): 524-533 (1990)

Geographic variation for colour in the sand burrowing beetle chaerodes trachyscelides white coleoptera tenebrionidae on new zealand beaches analysed using cielab l values
, Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 44(2): 93-104 (1991)

Geographic variation in age and length at metamorphosis of maturing european eel environmental effects and phenotypic plasticity
, Journal of Animal Ecology 61(1): 41-48 (1992)

Geographic variation in alkaloid content of sanguinaria canadensis papaveraceae
, Rhodora 92(870): 57-69 (1990)

Geographic variation in clutch and brood size of the eagle owl bubo bubo in the western palearctic
, Journal fuer Ornithologie 131(4): 439-444 (1990)

Geographic variation in cones of norway spruce picea abies l. karst
, Silvae Genetica 37(5-6): 178-184 (1988)

Geographic variation in cooperative colony foundation in veromessor pergandei hymenoptera formicidae
, Pan-Pacific Entomologist 64(3): 255-257 (1988)

Geographic variation in cranial morphology of spinner dolphins stenella longirostris in the eastern tropical pacific ocean
, Fishery Bulletin (Washington D C) 90(1): 54-76 (1992)

Geographic variation in esterase isozymes of the yellow spotted longicorn beetle psacathea hilaris pascoe coleoptera cerambycidae
, Applied Entomology and Zoology 27(1): 57-64 (1992)

Geographic variation in external morphology of the spinner dolphin stenella longirostris in the eastern pacific and implications for conservation
, Fishery Bulletin (Washington D C) 89(3): 411-428 (1991)

Geographic variation in genital morphology among insular and mainland populations of peromyscus maniculatus and peromyscus oreas
, Journal of Mammalogy 71(1): 48-58 (1990)

Geographic variation in growth and phenology of seedlings of the abies procera abies magnifica complex
, Forest Ecology and Management 36(2-4): 205-232 (1990)

Geographic variation in hybrid fertility in the field crickets gryllus integer gryllus rubens and gryllus sp
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 68(12): 2697-2700 (1990)

Geographic variation in larvae of mountain treefrogs of the hyla eximia group anura hylidae
, Bulletin of the New Jersey Academy of Science 36(2): 7-12 (1991)

Geographic variation in leporinus friderici bloch pisces ostariophysi anostomidae from the parana paraguay and amazon river basins
, Zoologica Scripta 21(2): 197-200 (1992)

Geographic variation in life history strategy of female roach rutilus rutilus l
, Journal of Fish Biology 37(6): 853-864 (1990)

Geographic variation in microtus nivalis martins 1842 from austria and yugoslavia
, Bonner Zoologische Beitraege 41(2): 121-140 (1990)

Geographic variation in mississippi loblolly pine and sweetgum
, Silvae Genetica 40(3-4): 105-119 (1991)

Geographic variation in morphometric characters and gill raker counts of yellowfin tuna thunnus albacares from the pacific ocean
, Fishery Bulletin (Washington D C) 89(2): 289-298 (1991)

Geographic variation in naupliar growth and survival in a harpacticoid copepod
, Biological Bulletin (Woods Hole) 179(1): 113-120 (1990)

Geographic variation in photoperiodic responses in an introduced insect hyphantria cunea drury lepidoptera arctiidae in japan
, Applied Entomology and Zoology 26(3): 357-364 (1991)

Geographic variation in pinus armandii franch
, Silvae Genetica 38(3-4): 81-90 (1989)

Geographic variation in population genetic structure of chinook salmon from california and oregon
, Fishery Bulletin (Washington D C) 90(1): 77-100 (1992)

Geographic variation in proechimys dimidiatus guenther rodentia echimyidae
, Zoologischer Anzeiger 225(5-6): 383-390 (1990)

Geographic variation in reproductive behavior and size structure of the australian cycad macrozamia communis zamiaceae
, American Journal of Botany 77(1): 92-99 (1990)

Geographic variation in sea otters enhydra lutris
, Journal of Mammalogy 72(1): 22-36 (1991)

Geographic variation in seedling morphology of acacia auriculiformis a. cunn. ex benth
, Australian Journal of Botany 39(3): 247-260 (1991)

Geographic variation in size and reverse size dimorphism of the great horned owl in north america
, Condor 91(4): 777-786 (1989)

Geographic variation in skulls of the harbor porpoise phocoena phocoena
, Mammalia 56(1): 133-144 (1992)

Geographic variation in skulls of the nearly extinct small black rhinoceros diceros bicornis michaeli in northern tanzania
, Zeitschrift fuer Saeugetierkunde 55(4): 260-269 (1990)

Geographic variation in social organization of galapagos ecuador mockingbirds ecological correlates of group territoriality and cooperative breeding
, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 25(2): 147-160 (1989)

Geographic variation in specific gravity and fiber length of green ash fraxinus pennsylvanica marsh. in east texas usa
, Silvae Genetica 39(5-6): 194-198 (1990)

Geographic variation in temperature variability and predictability and their implications for the breeding strategy of the pied flycatcher ficedula hypoleuca
, Oikos 54(3): 331-336 (1989)

Geographic variation in the buzzard buteo buteo l. japonicus group aves accipitridae
, Beaufortia 38(4): 57-74 (1988)

Geographic variation in the essential oil monoterpenes of liriodendron tulipifera l
, Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 16(7-8): 627-630 (1988)

Geographic variation in the gray kingbird
, Journal of Field Ornithology 62(1): 117-131 (1991)

Geographic variation in the incidence of myocardial calcification associated with acute myocardial infarction
, Human Pathology 20(8): 726-731 (1989)

Geographic variation in the lamina circularis of cobitis longicorpus pisces cobitidae
, Korean Journal of Zoology 34(1): 103-109 (1991)

Geographic variation in the laysan finch telespyza cantans
, Evolutionary Ecology 2(3): 270-282 (1988)

Geographic variation in the marbled godwit and description of an alaska subspecies
, Condor 91(2): 436-443 (1989)

Geographic variation in the occurrence of hip fractures among the elderly white usa population
, American Journal of Public Health 79(11): 1556-1558 (1989)

Geographic variation in the occurrence of red fleshed and white fleshed chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha in western north america
, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 46(7): 1107-1113 (1989)

Geographic variation in the onset of decline of male ischemic heart disease mortality in The Netherlands
, American Journal of Public Health 79(12): 1621-1627 (1989)

Geographic variation in the redbelly turtle pseudemys rubriventris reptilia testudines
, Annals of Carnegie Museum 59(1): 1-14 (1990)

Geographic variation in the reproductive biology of the sand crab emerita analoga stimpson on the california usa coast
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Geographic variation in the territorial success of Drosophila melanogaster males
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