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Growth and movement of homarus americanus on the outer coast of nova scotia canada

Miller, R.J.; Duggan, R.E.; Robinson, D.G.; Zheng, Z.

Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 1716: I-V, 1-17


Accession: 007384482

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Lobsters with sphyrion tags were released at one location in both 1978 and 1979 and at seven locations in 1982, all on the outer coast of Nova Scotia. Most lobsters were within the size range of 81-90 mm carapace length at release. Females increased an average 14.5% and males an average 15.2% of carapace length per molt, equivalent to 47% and 55% weight increments, respectively. Nine other studies carried out in Atlantic Canada and Maine, U.S.A. reported growth increments similar to these. Among 698 lobsters recaptured in this study after 1-6 years at liberty, only three were recovered > 12 km from their release point. Other published reports representing many areas in Atlantic Canada and Maine show that recruit sized lobsters are usually recovered within < 12 km of release sites.

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