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Growth and mycorrhizal formation of pinus thunbergii seedlings grown in growth chamber

O.K.I.; Park, W.S.

Journal of Korean Forestry Society 79(3): 316-321


Accession: 007384485

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This study was carried out to indentify the mycorrhizal development and growth stimulation of Pinus thunbergii seedlings grown on soil growth media which mixed with various amounts of pine bark. The results were follow; 1. Seedlings inoculated with Pisolithus tinctorius were significantly increased in number of short roots and mycorrhizal short roots, height, maximum growth rate, and leaf area than those of no-inoculation. 2. Mycorrhizal formation according to bark contents was highest by 25% bark treatment, and decreased in 50 and 75% bark contents. 3. Within the same treatment of bark content, seedlings inoculated with Pisolithus tinctorius showed more increased height and leaf, stem, and root dry weight than those of no-inoculated.

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