Section 8
Chapter 7,386

Growth development adaptation and reproductive qualities in heifers of simmental breed and its crosses with red and white pied holstein friesians

Orlov, A.V.; Tishchenko, A.V.; Lavrovskii, V.V.

Izvestiya Timiryazevskoi Sel'skokhozyaistvennoi Akademii 5: 120-128


Accession: 007385004

Crossing Simmental cattle od Privolzhsky type with red-and-white Holstein cattle results in considerably more rapid growth of mixed heifers in F1, noticeable changes in conformation towards milk type due to increased indices of chest extension and depth, and decreased bonyness indices combined with rather high reproductive qualities. Mixed heifers adapted themselves well to climatic and feeding conditions fo Middle Povolzhje, they utilized roughages and succulent feeds (silage) more efficiently. Average fodder consumption from birth to conceptive breeding made up 6.7 fodder units/kg, which is less by 0.31 fodder units than in purebred heifers of the same age. When kept in groups, mixed young stock did not take much exercise; half-blooded heifers of different age spent more time for rest, eating and rumination, which probably resulted in better digestion and finally in more rapid growth.

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