Section 8
Chapter 7,402

Histoautoradiographic detection of tritiated thymidine and tritiated proline in the vascular wall of domestic swine in experimental atherosclerosis is there an effect of saturated unsaturated fatty acids in high cholesterol diet

Trimper, B.; Massmann, J.; Bach, G.; Hecht, A.; Gebhardt, G.

Experimental Pathology 34(2): 99-103


ISSN/ISBN: 0232-1513
Accession: 007401814

In vitro labeling of arterial wall samples from domestic swine with tritiated thymidine or proline was used to establish the effect of unsaturated (sunflower oil) or saturated (beef tallow) fatty acids in the presence of enteral cholesterol on DNA and collagen synthesis. Histoautoradiography of samples incubated in vitro gives labeling patterns and indices comparable to in vivo labeling. Preliminary results show that these nutrient fats do not differ in their effect on the DNA and collagen synthesis of vascular wall cells both in the presence and absence of intimal changes.

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