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Chapter 7,402

Histoautoradiographic investigation of dna synthesis and kinetics of the germinal and sertoli cells in period of prespermatogenesis

Tsvetkova, P.

Mediko-Biologichni Problemi 17: 65-71


Accession: 007401815

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The author studied the functional characteristics of the two basic cellular types-germinal and Sertorial cells from the pre-pubertal period of development of rats, investigating DNA synthesis and determining the mitotic index of the individual types of testicular cells. In view of establishing the kinetics of the pre-spermatogensis, a histoautoradiographic method was used, the object of the investigation being Wistar rats, distributed according to age-newborn, 5th, 10th, 15th day folowing birth. Twelve animals were investigated. The quantitative results revealed a definite dynamics in the proliferative activity of these cells, for creation of equilibrium betwene them, which later on also influenced the normal formation and functioning of spermatogenesis, respectively the fertilizing capacity of the individuals.

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