Histology of the female gonad of amynthas diffringens baird oligochaeta megascolecidae a parthenogenetic species

Teisaire, E.S.

Physis. Seccion C. Los Continentes y los Organismos Terrestres 47(112): 31-38


ISSN/ISBN: 0325-0369
Accession: 007403085

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Based in histological analysis of the structure of the ovary, the cellular types of germinal lineage (protogonia, oogonia and primary oocyte) in Amynthas diffringens (Baird, 1869) are identified. The events occurred during oogenesis and the cytological mechanisms for the restitution of the chromosomic number are described. Four regions in the gonad are recognized: (a) proximal or proliferating; (b) intermediate with oocytes in profase I; (c) distal with vitelogenetic oocytes; (d) oocytes in metafase I. The oogenesis is continued during the year, with variations in the frequence of the oviposition.