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Impaired cortical bone formation after intramedullary insertion of bone cement a short and long term microradiographic study in the rabbit tibia using the bone harvest chamber

Morberg, P.; Alberktsson, T.; Kalebo, P.

Clinical Materials 10(3): 139-144


ISSN/ISBN: 0267-6605
DOI: 10.1016/0267-6605(92)90047-w
Accession: 007433225

The bone healing capacity after filling the medullary cavity with bone cement, was investigated using the bone harvest chamber. With this technique it is possible to repeatedly harvest newly formed cortical bone inside the chamber for, in principle, indefinite times of follow-up. In the short-term follow-up, 3-11 weeks after cement insertion, there was a 21% impairment of bone formation capacity in the cemented tibia compared to the non-cemented contralateral control. In the long-term follow-up, 32-55 weeks, the impairment was 31%. We believe that the lower amount of bone formation on the cemented side is due to poor long-term biocompatibility of bone cement.

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