Improvement in perception of transcutaneous nerve stimulation following detoxification in firefighters exposed to pcbs pcdds and pcdfs

Shields, M.; Beckmann, S.L.; Cassidy Brinn, G.

Clinical Ecology 6(2): 47-50


ISSN/ISBN: 0735-9306
Accession: 007435763

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Seventeen symptomatic firefighters with a history of acute exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls, dibenzofurans, and dibenzodioxins were evaluated for peripheral neuropathy with the NeurometerR, a transcutaneous nerve stimulation device utilizing a constant current sine wave at fixed amperage for the evaluation of peripheral neuropathy. Prior to treatment with the Hubbard protocol (a method of detoxification utilizing niacin, aerobic exercise, sauna, and polyunsaturated oils for mobilization and excretion of fat-stored xenobiotics), five of the 17 had abnormal current perception threshold measurements. Following treatment, all showed improvement, with two studies returning to normal range. This data should further stimulate review of the neurotoxic effects of toxic chemicals which have, heretofore, been thought to be irreversible.