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Independent segregation of two isozyme markers and inter plant differences in nuclear dna content in the interspecific backcross allium fistulosum l. x allium cepa l. x allium cepa l

Independent segregation of two isozyme markers and inter plant differences in nuclear dna content in the interspecific backcross allium fistulosum l. x allium cepa l. x allium cepa l

Euphytica 55(2): 151-156

From backcrosses of three interspecific hybrids (A. fistulosum .times. A. cepa) with A. cepa 14 diploid and 2 triploid plants were recovered. In this BC1 population introgression of A. fistulosum genetic material into the A. cepa nuclear genome was studied using two isozyme marker: Got-1 and Got-2. Both loci carried two alleles. A. cepa was monomorphic for both markers A. fistulosum was polymorphic for Got-2. Based on their Got isozyme pattern seven out of the 14 diploid BC1 plants had a recombinant genotype. The loci appeared to be unlinked. Differences were observed in nuclear DNA contents between the diploid BC1 plants, indicating that gametes produced by the interspecific hybrids contained different combinations of chromosomal material from A. cepa and A. fistulosum.

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Accession: 007448026

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