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Induced mutations in barley by gamma rays and ethyl methanesulfonate

Ibrahim I.F.; Al Janabi K.K.; Al Janabi A.A.; Al Maaroot E.M.

Journal of Agriculture and Water Resources Research Plant Production 8(1): 1-10


Accession: 007449404

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Gamma rays and ethyl methansulfonate (EMS) were used to induce useful mutations in local black barley. Thirteen mutants were selected during the first three generation. Mutants HBB-1, HB-4, HBB-2 and HBR-3 showed considerable reduction in plant height, while mutants HBR-88, HBR-95 revealed significant increase in weight of 100 spikes, seed weight, weight of 1000 kernels and earliness in heading and maturity by more than 3 weeks. Mutants HBB-1 and BB-10 showed resistance to powdery mildew and lodging along with compactness in ear structure. Mutants HBR-2, HBR-3 and BB-123 showed tolerance to drought condition. A11 selected mutants showed significant genetic stability in their new traits at M3 and M4 generation.

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